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Long Week-end, Time To Unwind

Sinemage Wairarapa pasture

Paprika and I took a break in the country last week-end.

Not so original, we did like most of Wellingtonians and drove to the Wairarapa region.
Our initial plan was different, but a lack of time and preparation compelled us to a closer destination.
And in the end, we were glad we did so, the weather was so mild and pleasant !

That’s not our first time in the region and we start to have habits there now.
We like to stop at Greytown, have a look at pretty boutiques and antiques shops, have a snack at the French Baker and dine at Bar Saluté.

We stayed at a lovely cottage settled in the green, where we enjoyed breakfast and late afternoon tea on the veranda.

And days quickly went by between gentle walks and drive to the coast…

Sinemage Wairarapa Greytown
Sinemage Wairarapa Greytown

Sinemage Wairarapa Greytown window shop
Sinemage Wairarapa Greytown Park
Sinemage Wairarapa Ashwell cottage scene
Sinemage Rose
Sinemage Wairarapa Greytown

The drive to the resort town of Castelpoint is very picturesque.
The road goes past rolling hills and green pastures to finally end to the coastal town and its landmark, the lighthouse.

This time, we walked up to the top of the 160m high castle point rock where we enjoyed a breathtaking view.
We sat on the grass, a light breeze and sun kissing our skin and we watched surfers catching waves, families picnicking in the dunes and the beautiful scenery in front of us.
Then, we returned quietly via deliverance cove track.

Sinemage Wairarapa pasture New Zealand
Sinemage Wairarapa Castlepoint New Zealand
Sinemage Wairarapa Castlepoint New Zealand

Sinemage Donnely Flat Wairarapa

Another interesting natural site we visited was Putangirua pinnacles.
Located on the way to cape Palliser these geological formations are thousand years old.
Intriguing, is the word that comes in mind looking at these natural and precarious sculptures.
The atmosphere is special there.
Discovering these towering rocks from the stream bed makes them look more impressive. And as they get denser, they are reminiscent of a ghost and imaginary city…
sinemage Wairarapa Pinnacles
sinemage Wairarapa Pinnacles 2

Three days and it was already time to take the winding road and drive back to Wellington.
Three days like a foretaste of the warm season to come…

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La suite en français…


Special Moments

All good things come to an end.
On Tuesday morning Paprika and I said goodbye to my sister M. and my lovely niece.
After three weeks together, it’s so strange to see the house so quiet…

It was good to share food, laughter, discussion…
Simply enjoy life with loved ones !

I really felt like having all these special moments was the best Christmas gift I could get !

Christmas and New year’s eves were celebrated with simplicity and joy and in between we visited a little bit.
The weather and the natural environment of New Zealand were combined beautifully to make these holidays unique.

Cape Farewell Golden Bay

Hawke Lookout Golden Bay

Wainui Fall Swing Bridge . Otaki Beach

I hope you had some good time too and feel ready to live this new year with energy !

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F is for…


Yes, I like feijoa. The smell and the taste. A little bit of exotism while we have a foretaste of winter. Honestly, any picture can do justice to this fragant fruit…

Discovered last year, I instantly ranked it in my top 5 amongst fig, apricot, litchi and pineapple.

This year, I was really looking forward the season.
Very popular in New Zealand, feijoa is baked in various way (muffin, crumble…), prepared in salsa, salad, smoothie or cordial (thank you, Alessandra, for this link !). Personally, I enjoy it raw and simply spoon out the flesh from the fruit.

This time, anyway, I made a little and smooth custard that preserves well the aroma. And for the fun, I served it with crackers shaped like spoon.


Printable Recipe Feijoa Custard & Crackers

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