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May 26, 2009


Yes, I like feijoa. The smell and the taste. A little bit of exotism while we have a foretaste of winter. Honestly, any picture can do justice to this fragant fruit…

Discovered last year, I instantly ranked it in my top 5 amongst fig, apricot, litchi and pineapple.

This year, I was really looking forward the season. Very popular in New Zealand, feijoa is baked in various way (muffin, crumble…), prepared in salsa, salad, smoothie or cordial (thank you, Alessandra, for this link !). Personally, I enjoy it raw and simply spoon out the flesh from the fruit.

This time, anyway, I made a little and smooth custard that preserves well the aroma. And for the fun, I served it with crackers shaped like spoon.


Printable Recipe Feijoa Custard & Crackers


Oui, j’aime le feijoa. Son odeur et son goût. Un petit peu d’exotisme alors que nous avons un avant-goût de l’hiver. Honnêtement, aucune photo ne peut rendre justice à ce fruit parfumé…

Découvert l’an dernier je l’ai immédiatement classé dans mon top-5 parmi la figue, l’abricot, le letchi et l’ananas.

Cette année, j’ai attendu avec impatience la saison. Très populaire en Nouvelle Zélande, le feijoa est cuisiné de diverses manières (muffin, crumble…) ou préparé en salsa, salade de fruits, milk-shake ou sirop (Merci Alessandra pour cette recette !)

Personnellement, je le déguste tout simplement à la petite cuillère.

Cette fois, néanmoins, j’ai préparé une petite crème onctueuse qui conserve bien l’arôme du fruit. Et pour le côté ludique, je l’ai servie avec des crackers en forme de petite cuillère.

Recette imprimable de la Crème au Feijoa & crackers


Came across your blog at my cooking hut and love it. Lots of amazing and mouth-watering pictures. I’ve never heard of this fruit before, sounds really interesting. pigpigscorner

Never heard about this kind of fruit before… Mmm.. Looks and sounds very very intresting. What does it taste like? Sweet? Sour? Fresh? I would like to try one some day… Eglė

Feijoa are wonderful aren’t they? Custard is such a sweet idea, love the spoon too! bron

Je ne connaissais pas non plus, vu de l’extérieur, ça ressemble à une goyave. Niveau goût, tu saurais dire de quel fruit il se rapproche? bisous plume_d_argent

I remember your post of feijoa last year. Very intriguing. And despite what you think… there are a lot of plants (food or otherwise) I don’t know. This is one of them. Although it comes from South America, I have not eaten. Looks - from the Wikipedia article that it is grown in the subtropical parts of the US, so I am going to have to track it. Looks like I may be able to grow it in a pot. Sylvie, Rappahannock Cook & Kitchen Gardener

*That is seriously cool. I’m fairly certain feijoas aren’t available in the states - at least not in Wisconsin… bummer for us. I’d love to try it some day! Cheers, *Heather** heather

Alors là bravo! j’ai pas mal voyagé et trainé sur les marchés, mais celui-là il m’a échappé. Je suis curieuse de connaitre son goût! Dominique (de vous à moi…)

Eglé The fruit when riped is sweet, a bit tangy, juicy with a texture slightly grainy. But for an accurate description go and check Wikipedia Bron, now almost the end of the season…sigh :( I should freeze some ! Plume d’Argent & Dominique Le fruit à maturité reste vert. Il est sucré et légèrement acidulé. J’ai un peu de mal à le comparer au goût d’un autre fruit (surement à cause de son arôme prononcé). Je sais ça n’aide pas beaucoup, le mieux c’est de l’essayer ! Sylvie You surely can have one in pot. I saw some at a garden centre here (with fruits on it !!). Don’t be modest, you are a plant guru with a big green thumb !! ;) Heather Feijoa seems to be available in the US, but Wisconsin is might be to much North for this subtropical tree… Vanille

Beautiful clean photography. So nice in fact, that I’m going try the fruit, next time I see it for sale. razzbuffnik

Brialliant idea for the custard. We have a feijoa tree in the front yard and I’ve often wondered if there was something that could be done with them other than eating raw as they fall faster than we can consume them. Thanks for the recipe! elisefey

The spoon is too cute to eat!!! I love Feijoias, especially the fragrance. When I smell a feijoa i feel better, it works like aromatherapy… Alessandra

Razzbuffnik, thank you. You should hurry up soon the end of the season… Elisefey, thank you. You are a lucky girl ! I dream to have a feijoa tree… Alessandra, thank you. I only can confirm your words ! ;) Vanille

I guess you learn (see) something new everyday. I’ve never seen or heard about this fruit before. Chris De La Rosa

Just bottled another batch of Feijoa Vodka! (Feijoas fruited here in Australia in May. I originally put it in large jars! Chopped up the Feijoa finely just under half a jar, topped with cheap Vodka & sugar water syrup! Left for 3 months & then bottled! A few years ago the first batch i ever made i left for 6 weeks, it was nice but flavour not strong enough so the last few batches i have made have left for 3 months to soak then bottle (stain fruit out) & leave for another 2 months before drinking! Yum Polly

Feijoa are the most beautiful of fruit only spoilt by their short season. They are from the guava family. They come in various sizes, the largest we have had is 5 inches long, and can taste sweet & creamy, sweet & acidic or fresh. Can’t get enough of these wonderful fruit. You civilly say I am a fan! Definitely going to try this recipe/serve…it looks great! Denise