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 © 2011 Viviane Perenyi Multi-fruit Smoothie

So here we are, at the end of the week and me wondering what I did with it…

This week has been under the sign of sickness -for Paprika- and an obvious lack of energy for me. Happy anyway to have been spared from virus so prone to spread.

So I keep it simple if not basic this week. Fruits and a dash of coconut cream blended into a smoothie.
I’ve prepared this for several days in a row, hopefully to give us a boost with a good intake of vitamins.

I want to keep this good and new habit. And with Summer approaching, fruit choice will be greater and combinations will be endless…

 © 2011 Viviane Perenyi Fruits for Smoothie Diptych

I’ve also had a long conversation with my sisters on Skype yesterday.
Always a good time.
We chatted and laughed a lot too.
And I felt all energized afterwards despite the late hour.
Unexpectedly, laughter had simply worked as an excellent vitality boost…

 © 2011 Viviane Perenyi Multi-fruit Smoothie In Hand

So I wish you all a fun week-end !

La suite en français…


Easy Days

Sinemage watermelon smoothie in bottle and glass

Sinemage watermelon skewers diptych

Sinemage watermelon and fruit mix diptych

It’s his fruit.
From all the Summer bounty, the watermelon has his preference.
Paprika es a görögdinnye -Paprika and the watermelon.

As thirst-quenching as a sorbet, watermelon is now frequently eaten after lunch or as an afternoon snack: Always chilled, generously sliced, mixed in a fruit salad, skewered, or in smoothie.

Yes, our latest way to enjoy the watermelon.
Mixed with a lemon juice and flavored with a rosemary sprig, it’s so refreshing, we can drink litres of that !
And no additional sugar is required if the watermelon is sweet enough.

You can’t make it more simple, can you ?

Sinemage watermelon smoothie and slice diptych

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Snacking On…

Sinemage Digestive cookie and pear smoothie

You were waiting for the sweet, weren’t you ?
Truth to be told, I didn’t bake that much.
I’m rather simply feasting on fruits and vegetables lately. A lot of them…

The only exception I did last time was to prepare these cookies, kind of digestive biscuits with ground rolled oat and toasted almond meal. Served with a pear smoothie, it makes an excellent afternoon snack.

And this week-end, Paprika and I enjoyed homemade sourdough crumpets for breakfast with honey and almonds.
And that’s pretty all.

And to be honest I miss it. To bake and to eat baked goods too.
So yesterday I made a laminated dough. I knew the end result would be much appreciated by Paprika for breakfast. As for me, it’s a way to keep up with things I like to do…

Sinemage pear almond rolled oat sourdough crumpet cookie smoothie

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