October 15, 2011

 © 2011 Viviane Perenyi Multi-fruit Smoothie

So here we are, at the end of the week and me wondering what I did with it...

This week has been under the sign of sickness -for Paprika- and an obvious lack of energy for me. Happy anyway to have been spared from virus so prone to spread.

So I keep it simple if not basic this week. Fruits and a dash of coconut cream blended into a smoothie. I've prepared this for several days in a row, hopefully to give us a boost with a good intake of vitamins.

I want to keep this good and new habit. And with Summer approaching, fruit choice will be greater and combinations will be endless...

 © 2011 Viviane Perenyi Fruits for Smoothie Diptych

I've also had a long conversation with my sisters on Skype yesterday. Always a good time. We chatted and laughed a lot too. And I felt all energized afterwards despite the late hour. Unexpectedly, laughter had simply worked as an excellent vitality boost...

 © 2011 Viviane Perenyi Multi-fruit Smoothie In Hand<p style="text-align:center;">So I wish you all a fun week-end !</p>

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Nous voilà donc à la fin de la semaine et moi m’interrogeant ce que j’en ai fait…

Cette semaine a été placée sous le signe de la maladie -pour Paprika- et d'un manque d'énergie évident pour ma part. Contente néanmoins d'avoir été épargnée par le virus si enclin à se propager.

Donc je fais simple sinon basique cette semaine. Fruits et un nuage de crème de coco mixés pour en faire un smoothie. J'ai préparé cela pendant plusieurs jours de suite, dans l'espoir de nous requinquer avec une bonne dose de vitamines.

Je souhaite garder cette bonne et nouvelle habitude. Et avec l'été qui approche, le choix de fruits sera plus large et les combinaisons infinies…

J’ai eu également une longue conversation avec mes soeurs hier sur Skype. Toujours un bon moment. Nous avons bavardé et beaucoup ri également. Et je me suis sentie toute pleine d’énergie après coup, malgré l’heure avancée. Surprenant, le rire a simplement marché comme un excellent boost de vitalité…

Alors je vous souhaite à tous un week-end fun !


Beautiful photographs, as always. I hope you will all be feeling better again soon! thefgirl

I love smoothies, a real pick me up :-). Beautiful lips Vanille, is that you? I am guessing that it is not Paprika… Ciao Alessandra Alessandra

A delightful drink! This is a delicious and healthy combination. Cheers, Rosa Rosa May (@RosasYummyYums)

A fruit salad in a glass - I Like it. Hope you are feeling better this week. barbara

*I could really go for a light, slightly tropical smoothie about now. So much rich food, wine and dining out in the past week when we were home – need to rejuvenate. Sounds like a nice past week for you! Hope it continues… Cheers, *Heather** heather

Oh now I want a smoothie :) And what pretty, pretty pics :) mairi29

Thefgirl, thank you. Slowly, but surely feeling better ;) Alessandra, Paprika was happily drinking his smoothie and called it baby-food, just to tease me ;) Rosa, thank you ! Mairi, always good to hear reader is stimulated to do so. Thank you. Timeforalittlesomething, yes can’t wait to see Summer here for good ! Vanille

Looks lovely! Beautiful colours, makes me think summer is really on the way! timeforalittlesomething

The photographs are very “soothing” too! hope your coming week is slower:) Soma

What a great pick me-up. Love the idea of using coconut milk for your smoothie - I have to try that. Hope you’re feeling a little better this week. Beautiful photos. Sue xo Couscous & Consciousness

I love fruit smoothies and always find them very soothing when I’m not feeling well. Sylvie @ Gourmande in the Kitchen

Hope the days gets better and you all start filling good. This drink looks so amazing and the color is so soothing! kankana

Get better, you! Amazing how good people can help as much as medicine sometimes. I’ve been blending up fruits in the morning for a breakfast smoothie quite a few times lately - such a good start to the day! hungryandfrozen

Vanille, you are gorgeous honey! And the smoothie looks delightful. Hope Paprika is feeling better now. shaz

Barbara, going better already. Hope you’re doing fine too. Heather, you had a good reason to feast that way ;) So happy for you. Soma, thanks. Sue [Couscous & Consciousness] coconut help to soften the tart taste and bring an exotic flavour as well. Love. Laura [hungryandfrozen] adopted too ! Shaz, Paprika is so-so but refuses as usual to take any medication… No comment. Have a lovely week ! Vanille

wow…that loook soooooooooooper tempting…fantastic cliks.. first time here…love your space.. very interesting posts with nice presentation.. Am your happy follower now..;) do stop by mine sometime.. Jay

Oh this would be the perfect sunny pick me up - love the bright color. I think i should use my blender more often. Thanks for the idea Vanille. Meeta

Oh la la! I can taste summer with this smoothie. Siobhan C

Ah smoothies and laughter definitely the best medicine. I love how you have used a little coconut cream and so pleased you are feeling well again :) bron

The taste of summer! Reminds me of the long time we still have to wait for summer here in Europe :-(… Julia

Love the hues here, and the drink looks delicious… most of my fave fruits too. Hope you are feeling better, and has anyone ever told you you have Angelina Jolie lips? :) athena

looks delicious and lovely photos Iris @ the yummyblogsisters

delicious, well, if I ate those fruits it would be, but that’s not the point, it LOOKS delicious and tasted yum for you and hopefully is helping to make you both feel a little better. jas