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De Toutes les Couleurs


I made this little craft last week-end.
It was more than time to use these colourful paper stripes, usually made for paper quilling and purchased long time ago.

I first started to make these paper beads, not knowing what I’ll do with them afterward.
And finally, things turned out naturally, when I collected this branch in the street.
Sometimes, I feel me like a magpie collecting everything… But that’s not so bad until I find a way to reuse, right ?



Regarding paper quilling, did you see the book cover made by Yulia Brodskaya illustrating Santa’s beard and hat ? Simply amazing !…

And I would like to thank Nicole for choosing my little pic for the ‘self-portrait contest’ she organised. A pleasant surprise !
You can have a look at it on her lovely blog

La suite en français…


Kia Ora


Thank you girls for your positive response to my last post.
I always feel uncomfortable coming back after a long silence, so thanks for being forgiving…

Back to the topic of the day: Paper cut.
Completed – finally !
Remember the Kia Ora paper cut I started weeks ago…well, now it’s done.


Of course, there’s still a couple of details to fix, like how shall I link these two sheets of paper, because stylish pegs are just temporary here… And I will probably trim a bit on the right side too.


I come back soon with a piece… to nibble this time ! 😉

La suite en français…

Sneak Peek


Just because I’m too impatient to wait until the completion and because you never know what can happen on the way, I want to share with you the piece I’m working on…

I plan to hang up the piece on the wall, in front of the entrance door, as a welcome message.

In case you are wondering, the final piece will read Kia Ora with each letter decorated with Maori-inspired patterns.

To be continued…

La suite en français…