Home, Sweet Home

April 03, 2009

layout Last Tuesday, I attended the reception to announce the winning design of the Starter Home competition and I had the opportunity to discover finalists projects.

I didn’t make it until this stage, but I was happy to be part of this event.

My little kiwi house, submitted to the competition has a simple design, with a concept focused on versatility.

Based on single module, the layout can be composed in different ways to allow open plan living or traditional separate living spaces.

To complete flexibility, a spare room is included in each layout. This ‘multi-purpose room’ can be transformed depending on owner’s need as a home office, children playground, entertainment room or simply an extension of the master bedroom.


You can also have a look at Stephen Smith’s winning design and finalists projects here.

The house will be built in Auckland and will be open for visit as soon as completed.


Mardi dernier j’ai assisté à la réception de remise de prix pour le concours Starter Home Design. Une occasion de découvrir les projets des finalistes.

Je ne suis pas arrivé à ce niveau, mais j’étais contente de faire partie de cet évènement.

Ma petite maison kiwi, soumise pour ce concours a un design fort simple et un concept focalisé sur la polyvalence.

Basé sur un module, le plan peut se composer de différentes façons pour permettre une configuration ouverte ou traditionnelle avec des espaces de vie séparés.

Pour compléter la flexibilité, un espace supplémentaire est inclu dans chaque plan. Cet espace ‘multi-usage’ peut se tranformer selon le besoin du propriétaire en bureau, espace de jeu pour enfants, pièce multi-média ou une extension de la chambre parentale.

Vous pouvez également consulter le projet gagnant de Stephen Smith et les projets finalistes ici.

La maison sera construite à Auckland et sera ouverte au public à son achèvement.


For whatever that’s worth, while I like Stephen Smith courtyard idea, I really the clear separation of public and private functions in your design, as well that all the bedroom are well separated and have lots of light. Sylvie, Rappahannock Cook & Kitchen Gardener

Sylvie, thank you for taking time to analyse each design and giving your opinion ;) Vanille

you know, the former real estate executive in me can’t help noticing those things. And I am personally interested in sound clean functional house architecture… The book I requested for my birthday (well, strongly hinted I would appreciate) is “Kitchens, Smokehouses, and Privies: Outbuildings and the Architecture of Daily Life in the Eighteenth-century Mid-atlantic” How geeky can you get? Sylvie, Rappahannock Cook & Kitchen Gardener