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Cookie Time

Hazelnut Cookies | At Down Under | Viviane Perenyi

I can’t believe that in a week time it’ll be the very half of the year.
2012, you’re going fast !
In the same time, I look forward to this second half of year. Travel and meeting people, new and loved ones, make me all excited about this time to come !
Anticipation works like a good fuel…

But for now it’s about these cookies. Light and nutty. Hazelnut-y I should say.
If you have followed the blog for a while, you should know by now that when it comes to nut, I’m all for it.

Hazelnut Cookies | At Down Under | Viviane Perenyi

Like walnut, hazelnut has an interesting pattern on the shell and on the nut itself, with in plus this beautiful warm colour that gave its name to a shade of brown.
Lovable all around !

From hazelnut, the cookies keep none of the visual characteristics but its taste, which is enough to qualify them as good. And after reading this who knows they might have mighty power too…
They are yet another version of those cookies.

Hazelnut and Chocolate Cookies | At Down Under | Viviane Perenyi

Hazelnut Cookies
Makes 25-30

210gr flour
80gr ground hazelnut
200gr unsalted butter, soften and diced
60gr finely ground brown sugar or icing sugar
200gr chocolate for dipping (optional)

In a bowl mix with your hand all the ingredients to form a smooth paste. Let it rest covered in a cool place (not the fridge) for 30 minutes to one hour. Butter two baking trays -or line them with baking paper. Preheat oven to 180°C/356°F. Roll down the dough on a lightly floured work surface and cut out cookies. Bake for 10-12 minutes or until lightly golden. Remove carefully from oven (they will be still soft) on to a cooling rack. Melt chocolate in a water bath and dip half cookie in it or alternatively just coat with a spatula half of each cookie with chocolate.

© 2012 Viviane Perenyi Hazelnut Cookies

La suite en français…


Reach for the Moon

 © 2011 Viviane Perenyi Hungarian Almond Kifli Cookies

The end of the year is fast approaching and everyone seems to anticipate the festive time ahead.
I’ve already seen shops displayed their glittery decoration. And I’m completely astound how this year has gone so fast…

I can’t really say that I’m on a Christmas mode yet. I’m fine for now enjoying Spring. In the plate. And outside. Or maybe because I’m more last minute and improvisation than planning ahead.

So I was the first surprised when I uploaded the picture above and thought to myself: this really looks christmas-y

 © 2011 Viviane Perenyi Asparagus and Buckwheat Lunch

Well, Paprika has been waiting for a while that I bake these vaníliás kifli. The Hungarian name comes from the crescent shape -kifli- and the vanilla flavour -vaníliás.

Researching afterwards about these cookies, I found out they were traditionally baked at Christmas time (once again !) but now enjoy all year round. The eggless dough is commonly made with walnut meal, but almond works just fine too.
Heavily sprinkled with icing sugar they look like little moon.

They were gone in a blink of an eye…

© 2011 Viviane Perenyi Hungarian Almond Kifli Cookies

The recipe has been given to me by the teacher of my Hungarian course. The slight changes I’ve made are between brackets.

Vaníliás Kifli – Hungarian Walnut Biscuit
Makes about 70

250gr or 2 cups flour (210gr)
200gr or 2/3 cup + 1/4 cup unsalted butter, soften (+ if you make it with almond meal)
80gr or 2/3 cup icing sugar
60gr or 1/3 cup ground walnut (100gr ground almond)
5-6 drops vanilla essence (Good pinch of vanilla powder)
Icing sugar for dusting

In a bowl mix with your hand all the ingredients to form smooth paste. Let it rest covered in a cool place (not the fridge) for 30 minutes.
Butter two baking trays -or line them with baking paper. Preheat oven to 180°C/356°F. Cut the dough in 4 equal parts and roll to shape it like a log of 2cm/1 inch diameter. Cut the log every 5cm/2 inches and shape each piece like a crescent. Bake for 8-10 minutes or until lightly golden. Remove from oven and sprinkle with icing sugar.

 © 2011 Viviane Perenyi Milk and Hungarian Kifli Cookies

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This is also my entry to Sweet NZ hosted this month by Mairi at Toast.

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Sinemage Apricot sliced on blue plate

Did you make resolutions for 2011 ?
I prefer to say I set goals for myself, than make resolutions. The word sounds too radical to me.

Luckily I did not write down here for example my resolution of being better at blogging. I would be embarrassed, after just the first month of the year, to notice that I’m not posting as often as I wish…
Despite all this, I would like to tell you that I really appreciate all of you who take the time to come around here and even write a kind word or two. Thank you.

Still about resolution, and like some of you, I want to eat more healthily from this year on. Not that easy…
We have all those delicious stone fruits right now and I’m happy to eat them simply raw; but for days I was also craving for a fruit tart.
I finally made one with my usual tart crust and the following signs of discontent from my stomach led me to think of a work-around afterward.

The result of my experimentation is a kind of cookie-like tartelette.
The crust soft and sandy, is made of a mix of buckwheat flour and ground almond, nicely moisten with melting apricots slices.

Back from work, Paprika directly gulped three tartelettes down and by the end of the day they were all gone … Do I need to say more?

Sinemage Apricot tartelettes
Sinemage abricot tartelette left on blue plate

Apricokie Tartelettes (makes 7 tartelettes 12cm diameter)


150g buckwheat flour
65g almond meal
75g unsalted butter at room temperature, chopped
50g icing sugar
2 egg yolks
1 pinch of salt
Half lemon zest, finely grated


6-7 apricots
Lemon juice
5 tsp honey
Vanilla seeds scraped from a pod (optional)

In a large bowl mix together flour, almond meal, sugar, salt and lemon zest. Add butter and work with your finger tips to blend the butter and flour and get a sandy texture. Add egg yolks and knead lightly the dough to get an homogeneous dough. On a slightly dusted flour surface, roll down and cut out the dough. Lay cookies on a baking tray lined with parchment paper and store them in the fridge. Preheat oven to 200°C. In a bowl, whisk lemon juice, honey and vanilla. Half, stone, slice apricots and drizzle with lemon juice to prevent from oxidation. Display apricot slices on each cookie and drizzle over the honey syrup. Bake for 12-15 minutes or until edges are golden. Remove from oven and very carefully transfer them on a cooling rack. Allow them to cool down completely to firm up.

Sinemage flower-like Abricot tartelette on white platter

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