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Sinemage Dry Hydrangea

End of the week.
End of a month [already!].
And the natural mutation going on.
When light, texture and colours are subtle.
Like a quaint charm…

Sinemage dry leaves

Sinemage Dry Leaves

And a big Thank You for your sweet comments on the previous post. They really cheered me up !

Enjoy your week-end !

La suite en français…




Last week was just rain. To make it up, the weather gave us fabulous blue and sunny days this week.

To enjoy the last colour of Fall, I went yesterday for a walk. On my way back home my attention was caught by little colourful spots on the ground.

I first thought it was big berries, but after a closer look I realised it was apple ! Very tiny ones. I find them so cute ! I did not resist and collected some.


They remind me cherries: probably because of their size and the stem.

These little unexpected fruits were indeed the cherry on the cake of this nice day !


You probably know what type of apple is it. Please let me know…

La suite en français…

Colchiques Dans Les Prés…


The wind is back. Sign of cooler months to come.

When summer ends I feel a twinge of sadness. Already! It’s like I waited for it all year and then it’s gone…

Nevertheless, how can I not be under the spell of Autumn. The light, subtle. The color, vermilion. The scent, quince and feijoa.

But for now, it’s an other fall’s gem : les marrons ! (chestnuts). Simply grilled in the oven and eaten still warm…

If I find some this week-end at the market, I will make a chestnut cream. I love this! When I was kid I could eat a whole tube of Clément Faugier chestnut cream.

fall09aIt took me years to appreciate seasons and I still can’t say that I like winter…

But I guess the main thing is to enjoy the beauty that every moment has to offer …

La suite en français…