May 01, 2010

Sinemage Dry Hydrangea

End of the week. End of a month [already!]. And the natural mutation going on. When light, texture and colours are subtle. Like a quaint charm…

Sinemage dry leaves

Sinemage Dry Leaves

And a big Thank You for your sweet comments on the previous post. They really cheered me up !

Enjoy your week-end !

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Fin de semaine. Fin du mois [déjà!]. Et la transformation naturelle qui s’opère. Lorsque lumière, texture et couleurs se font subtiles. Comme un charme surrané… Et un grand Merci pour vos gentils commentaires sur le billet précédent. Ca m’a fait super plaisir !

Profitez bien de votre week-end !


Fabulous autumn colours. barbara

Pretty leaves and great shots! Cheers, Rosa Rosa

Beautiful :) How on earth did I miss that last post with the glorious, gorgeous tartlettes. You are so amazingly talented! shaz

What beautiful, beautiful photos - what a talent. I am in awe :-) Sue Couscous & Consciousness

Lovely colours, I especially like the third photo. :-) Alessandra

Great photos - I’m so glad that we are coming into Spring here though! Nic