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Ginkgo Biloba  | At Down Under | Viviane Perenyi

Around the same time last year.
The beautiful colours of the ginkgo biloba in Wellington botanic garden.
How much I liked the colours of magnolias in early Spring and the ones of the ginkgo at the end of autumn…



Last Colours

Sinemage Autumn Gingko Biloba leaves

Last week-end we drove to Wairarapa and while on the way to the coast, we saw nice colours. The remaining golden foliage on the top of trees, delicately dancing in the breeze.
I regretted afterward not taking pictures of them on the way to go as it was night when we drove back.
The feeling of a missed opportunity that will not occur sometimes soon again…

After that, I sense my pictures captured at the Botanic Garden lack that notion of wild nature, yet it’s my way to pay a last homage to an ending Autumn…

Sinemage Golden Foliage
Sinemage Autumn Gingko foliage
Sinemage Gingko Biloba

La suite en français…

Let’s Pretend

Sinemage Spring Blossom

Just for a minute.
Let’s pretend to be a bee.
Let’s go and visit trees in bloom in the neighbourhood.
Let’s simply enjoy the best Spring has to offer…

Sinemage Spring Bloom

Sinemage Spring Pink Bloom

Sinemage Spring White bloom
Sinemage Spring pink blossom

And because we are Kiwi bees, we should not forget the native Kowhai😉

Sinemage Kowhai Closeup New Zealand

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