Let's Pretend

September 27, 2010

Sinemage Spring Blossom

Just for a minute. Let's pretend to be a bee. Let's go and visit trees in bloom in the neighbourhood. Let's simply enjoy the best Spring has to offer...

Sinemage Spring Bloom

Sinemage Spring Pink Bloom

Sinemage Spring White bloom Sinemage Spring pink blossom

And because we are Kiwi bees, we should not forget the native Kowhai;)

Sinemage Kowhai Closeup New Zealand

For more seasonal colours:

The beauty of Magnolia Last Fall Spring Last Year


Your pictures are so beautiful. The soft tones, the colours. Breathtaking. Thank you for sharing a little spring with us on a rainy fall day (for us). x Karin van D.

what a beautiful shoots! have a nice time! Paula Paula

What splendid cherry blossom pictures! Cheers, Rosa Rosa

I want to be a bee… Alessandra

*bees, hummingbirds – they’re both spoiled rotten. what a life! are those lovely blossoms in your own yard? cheers, *heather** heather

Karin, thank you. Happy to know that I could bring a little bit of Spring-y colours in your autumnal day. Paula, thank you ! Rosa, the blossom is gone so quickly, I had to capture that. Alessandra, a bumblebee ! Heather, if only I could have them in my yard…Maybe one day ! Vanille

So beautiful! Spring is here!!! Anh

you just make my smile ! make my day

C’est magnifique! Et ça donne envie d’être au printemps! Ici, c’est l’automne… bientôt l’hiver… :/ Botacook

Love cherry blossom!! The leaves are falling here :( Going to enter depressing months… mycookinghut