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Keep It Simple

Sinemage Blueberry Steam Cake

– Did she say soon ?
– Yes, she wrote soon !


First, there was my long hesitation in front of no bake possibilities: omelette soufflée, crêpes, pancakes, semifreddo, jam… ?
Then I tried different preparations.
Afterward, it was already the week-end [Paprika and I enjoyed a beautiful Saturday by the way]
And…and finally it’s more than time to share this simple coconut steam cake with blueberry, unanimously appreciated.

As you can see, I played on the safe side here. I already made different versions of steam cake before, but this a new combination that works well too.

Sinemage Coconut and Blueberry Steam Cake

Coconut Steam Cake With Blueberries (makes 4 small ramekins)

80ml coconut cream
60g rice flour
25g caster sugar
2 egg whites
50g blueberries

Mix together rice flour and sugar // Add coconut cream // In a separate bowl whip egg whites until firm peak // Fold gently in the flour mixture and combine softly // Add blueberries to the batter // Grease moulds and pour the batter (3/4 full) // Steam for 25-30 minutes

La suite en français…




I did these cakes a while ago. A remake of the steam cake.

I replaced coconut cream and mashed banana with milk and ground macadamia, to pair with plums. I made a chocolate one and plan to make a savory version also, so don’t be surprise if I come once again with a steam cake…

I guess I like to make this cake because it’s versatile, but mainly because it’s easy and quick. Just goes well with my mood these last days…


For 6 little cakes

3 plums, halved and roasted in syrup
120g rice flour
100g ground macadamia
50g caster sugar
120ml milk
1 tsp rum (optional)
4 egg whites
Mix together rice flour, ground macadamia and sugar to get a fine ‘sandy’ texture // Add milk and rum //In a separate bowl whip egg whites until firm peak // Fold gently in the flour mixture and combine softly // Grease moulds and pour the batter (3/4 full) // Steam for 25 minutes

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La suite en français…

Comme Un Nuage !

I was browsing the net, last time and then I saw the recipe of a steam cake. I was really curious to try it. I liked the idea that the cake is not baked. The result, of course, won’t give you a nice looking cake with a golden crust ! But I really encourage you to make it if you have never tried. It’s very simple – So that’s perfect for me ! The only remaining difficulty, on my side, was the kitchenware ! I don’t have a steam cooker, so I played a little bit ‘Mac Giver’ with my colander and a couple of bamboo sticks…

When I started to prepare the batter, Paprika came around and asked me what I was doing.

– A steam cake ! I replied, happy to make this new experiment.

– A steam cake ?!

I could see on his face that he didn’t like the idea. I should mention here, that Paprika never eats steamed Chinese dumplings, because he doesn’t like their sticky aspect. He pulled a face and told me the cake will look like Chinese dumplings. I retorted that he should wait and see !

I got inspired by many recipes, I tried my hand and finally this is my own recipe. Probably not perfect, but satisfying to my palate.

So no need to turn the oven on. In 25 minutes you are done. And you get a moist and light texture cake ! Comme un nuage ! A bit exotic, it’s true, with banana and coconut. The banana do helps to moisture the cake.

Surprisingly Paprika overcame his fear and ate the cakes!

Makes 4 ramekins (150ml each)

60g rice flour
2 egg whites
60ml coconut cream
1 ripe banana
3 tsp caster sugar
4 tbsp desiccated coconut
1 pinch of salt
Small knob of butter
In a large bowl mash banana // Add rice flour, sugar and coconut cream and combine well // Switch on your steam cooker or in a large sauce pan bring water to a boil // Brush inside each ramekin with butter // Layer 1 tbsp desiccated coconut at the bottom of each ramekin // With a pinch of salt whip egg whites until a stiff peak // Fold gently in the banana mixture and combine softly // Fill 3/4 full each ramekin and place in steamer // If you cook in a sauce pan, cover it with a tea towel to keep water droplets from falling in the cakes, then place the lid on // Cook for 20-25 minutes // Remove from the mould and let them cool.

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