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Sinemage Dry Hydrangea flower closeup

Still on an autumnal note, faded hydrangeas spotted during a walk yesterday.
As most of you already know, I like these flowers, so my view is maybe biased.
They can loose their pretty colours and turn dry, they still look visually interesting to me.

Like an aged paper with the nice shade of brown, the veins texture and the curled edges.
Even jagged they are elegantly reminiscent of a delicate lace.

All I can say is they age beautifully and I’m under their spell…

Sinemage Hydrangea faded flower
Sinemage Hydrangea faded flower detail closeup
Sinemage Hydrangea faded flower closeup

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Flower Power

Sinemage Hydrangea 1

I went for a short walk yesterday in the botanic garden. It was a long time I didn’t do so. Maybe the need to smell and see the remains of Summer, before it’s all gone and Fall settles with beautiful and warm shades.

After three years here and so many promenades in this garden, I was surprised to discover a new corner.
Very pleasant. The light gently filtered through the foliage and the path lined with one of my favourite flowers. Hydrangea.
Plenty of them. Different varieties. An array of colours and shapes… A real feast for the eyes !

I came back home the mood up-lifted.

Sinemage Hydrangea diptych 1
Sinemage Hydrangea Pink
Sinemage Hydrangeas Diptych2

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