May 11, 2011

Sinemage Dry Hydrangea flower closeup </br>

Still on an autumnal note, faded hydrangeas spotted during a walk yesterday. As most of you already know, I like these flowers, so my view is maybe biased. They can loose their pretty colours and turn dry, they still look visually interesting to me.

Like an aged paper with the nice shade of brown, the veins texture and the curled edges. Even jagged they are elegantly reminiscent of a delicate lace.

All I can say is they age beautifully and I'm under their spell...

</br> Sinemage Hydrangea faded flower Sinemage Hydrangea faded flower detail closeup Sinemage Hydrangea faded flower closeup

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Toujours sur une note automnale, des hortensias fanées, remarquées lors de ma promenade hier. Comme certains le savent déjà, j'aime ces fleurs, alors mon point de vue est sans doute biaisé. Elles peuvent perdre leurs jolies couleurs et se déssécher, elles me semblent toujours visuellement intéressantes.

Comme du vieux papier avec une douce teinte brune, la texture des nervures et les bords ondulants. Même déchiquetées, elles rapellent élégamment une délicate dentelle.

Tout ce que je peux dire, c'est qu'elles veillissent joliment et que je suis sous le charme....


Oh they are soo so beautiful…..I old you you live in a little piece of heaven. I walk outside my house and alL I see is gravel and construction areas! Sukaina

I also like dried hydrangeas, I find it difficult to cut the flowers off the plants… Alessandra

J’avais de superbes hortensias en Bretagne que je faisais sécher chaque année…Bon maintenant j’ai la lavande mais ce n’est pas pareil! Dominique (De vous à moi…)

Oh me too! I could be be under this spell. I used to have some dried out in a jar. They didn’t survive our multiple moves. I am such a fall weather person. It is beautiful here (Texas) but I get whiny because I miss those gorgeous fall days of the northeast US. Snippets of Thyme

tiens l’automne est arrivée! Line

Dreamlike! Bises, Rosa Rosa

And I am under your spell :) You are obviously enjoying the autumn colours Vanille. Brrr, it was freezing over here today. shaz

*Growing up we always had a bunch of the season’s dried hydrangea blooms in a vase on the sofa table. Lovely and intriguing, like you said. *Heather** heather

Every woman’s dream to age as beautifully as these flowers. The photos are gorgeous, I saw some wonderful autumnal leaves in our reserve at Muriwai, wish I had my camera now. peasepudding

Je ne suis pas fan des fleurs fânées, je les trouve souvent tristes. Mais après tes photos, toujours si belles et délicates, je les regarderai certainement différemment quand ce sera l’heure en France de les observer… flo makanai

Sukaina, hydrangea are indeed so gorgeous ! You need to come around here then. I promise you a total change of scenery ! Alessandra, at least you have in your garden lucky you ;) Snippet of Thyme, I know what you mean and I bet Heather will agree too on that matter Line, oui il s’est bel et bien installé ! Rosa, thanks dear ! Shaz, oh yes, I do enjoy autumn colours before everything is gone and winter :( settles then Is that possible to be cold in Sydney ;) Heather, that’s a great idea, and they make for sure a very lovely decorative item. Peasepudding, I so agree, if only we could age so gracefully… Wherever I go my eyes are caught by the vibrant colours of the season and I make me wish I could capture it all too. Flo, je comprends tout à fait ton point de vue, et même si je préfère lorsqu’elles sont fraîches, j’avoue que je leurs trouve aussi un certain charme une fois défraichies… Profite bien de la belle saison par chez toi ! Vanille

Couldn’t agree with you more - I also have a fondness for them and love taking and looking at photos of them. And yours are lovely. Helle (Helen)

Magnifiques photos comme toujours! bizzz plume_d_argent

It’s lovely the way you stopped to see the beauty in something that most often would have gone unnoticed. Sylvie @ Gourmande in the Kitchen

These photos are beautiful, and thank you so much for making me notice the intricacies of a dried flower petal - i love hydrangeas for their gorgeous colors, but they are also so striking when they are dried. The Cilantropist

I saw your blog listed as “one of the next 50 blogs to watch” on Saveur today. Such sweet news. I was so happy to see that they agree with me too… Snippets of Thyme

So pretty and delicate - but also fairly sturdy too, considering their environment. I’d love one hanging round my neck on a chain, I’m not sure what materials/textiles could accurately recreate them though :) hungryandfrozen

Oh, Vanille, what exquisite photos as always. I adore hydrangeas too, even when they are faded and brittle. Thanks so much for visiting my blog the other day - it was so lovely to hear from you and to be reconnecting with all my blogging friends again :-) Sue xo Couscous & Consciousness