Flower Power

March 09, 2011

Sinemage Hydrangea 1

I went for a short walk yesterday in the botanic garden. It was a long time I didn't do so. Maybe the need to smell and see the remains of Summer, before it's all gone and Fall settles with beautiful and warm shades.

After three years here and so many promenades in this garden, I was surprised to discover a new corner. Very pleasant. The light gently filtered through the foliage and the path lined with one of my favourite flowers. Hydrangea. Plenty of them. Different varieties. An array of colours and shapes... A real feast for the eyes !

I came back home the mood up-lifted.

Sinemage Hydrangea diptych 1 Sinemage Hydrangea Pink Sinemage Hydrangeas Diptych2

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Je suis allée me balader au jardin botanique hier. Cela faisait longtemps que je ne l'avais pas fait. Peut être l'envie de sentir et voir les restes de l'été avant que tout s'en aille et que l'automne s'installe avec ses belles et chaudes tonalités.

Après trois ans ici et de nombreuses promenades dans ce jardin, j'ai été surprise de découvrir un nouveau coin. Très agréable. La lumière doucement filtrée à travers le feuillage et le sentier bordé par une de mes fleurs préférées. L'hortensia. Tout plein d'hortensia. Différentes variétés. Une gamme de couleurs et de formes... Un vrai plaisir des yeux !

Je suis rentrée à la maison d'humeur enjouée.


So pretty and delicate! I love hydrangeas. Cheers, Rosa Rosa

Ces beaux hortensias me rappellent ma Bretagne: j’en avais beaucoup dans mon jardin! Dans le sud ils vont me manquer, mais j’y ai gagné le soleil, la lavande et les cigales… Dominique (De vous à moi…)

So lovely! I like the way hydrangeas change color as the blooms age. I have one that goes from creamy white to deep rose within a few weeks - even made a wreath out of the dried blooms one year. Visiting your blog is like a breath of fresh air! Ann

Your images are absolutely breath taking. I can feel the love you have for the Hydrangea. Your English writing is impressive, but I also love your writing in French. Such a poetic language! Kaho

*Technicolor hydrangeas – I wasn’t aware of those hybrids! Need to find a seed and flower catalog, stat. Or at least when we finally have a house to stay settled in for over six months. Cheers, *Heather** heather

How pretty. These hydrangeas look much more delicate than the huge balls my grandmother used to grow. Have a good weekend Vanille. shaz

Hydrangeas are one of my fav. flowers (more becoz this is one of the very few that the bunnies allowed to survive in our home). So pretty. My daughter had us plant one which produces 3 different colored flowers in one plant - pink, blue and purple. Soma

I love the Botanical Garden, haven’t been there in a while - I used to live a lot closer and so would wander through it quite a bit. Next sunny day, I might have to get myself over there for a stroll through the flowers… hungryandfrozen

Gorgeous colours. barbara

Bonjour, Juste quelques mots : de très jolies photos que tu as faites là ! c’est très beau et délicat…. Dad