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The Simple Things 22 |Easter Brunch

Back in January, I shot an Easter brunch story for The Simple Things magazine.
It was a fun shoot with cool people gathered in a beautiful home.

On the menu baked eggs, brioche hot cross buns, hash brown, salmon caesar salad on toast, green smoothie and custard tartlets. All recipes to discover in the latest issue of The Simple Things.

Thank you Andy, Danielle, David, Peter, Talia and Tristan for making this story happen.

The Simple Things 22 |Easter Brunch

The Simple Things 22 |Easter Brunch



A Taste of Yellow


I should do it before I miss it.

That’s exactly what I told to myself when I realised it’s already September !
Can you believe it ? The end of the year is so close now… 2009 is a speedy !

I didn’t want to miss the deadline for LiveStrong Day with a Taste of Yellow. A blog event hosted by Barbara from Winos and Foodies to raise awareness of cancer issues worldwide.


It’s ages I did not eat des oeufs mimosa [deviled eggs].
I remember my mother was used to make some for starter when we had guests coming. Served with a tomato salad, it’s delicious !
While I will have to wait for Summer for good tomatoes, I still can enjoy these oeufs mimosa… And for an authentic taste, I prepared the mayonnaise.

You can also join in and submit until September 13 a recipe including a yellow food for this Taste of Yellow 2009 !


To prepare Oeufs Mimosa:
Cook eggs for 10 minutes in a boiling water with a bit of vinegar // Let them cool under cold water, peel them and half them // Spoon out the hard egg yolk and pass it through a fine sieve // Keep it aside and prepare the mayonnaise // Mix together an egg yolk, salt, a tsp lemon juice and half tsp mustard // Keep on whipping and then add gradually olive oil [10cl] until the mayonnaise is thick // Scoop mayonnaise in the egg white and spread on the top sieved egg yolk.

La suite en français…

Happy Easter !


For most of you Easter is associated to Spring.

Down here, Fall softly settled while it’s time to celebrate Easter.


Chocolate in any form is the sweetest comfort treat.

Rather than a recipe I wanted to play around the chocolate theme. I made nests from pasta coated with cocoa, decorated eggs with chocolate dots, converted an egg box with pretty lace and ribbon and made these little chocolate cakes shaped like boiled eggs… I’m all set for Easter !


I wish you all an excellent week-end, have fun and eat well !

La suite en français…