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Colour or Monochrome

Oriental Parade Wellington | At Down Under | Viviane Perenyi

Wellington Around the Bays | At Down Under | Viviane Perenyi

I’m so thankful for the gorgeous summer days we are having lately…

Here are captures taken around the bays of Wellington.
Rainbow of colours or a muted colour palette -almost monochromatic- I like the way both pictures portray the seaside, yet with a different feel.

Wish you all a nice week!


Rainbow In My Plate

I have to confess that I’m a bit jealous about all these cooking blogs I read with colorful summer fruits everywhere ! Here it’s winter and wind, rain and even storm are bursting out !…

A good way to tolerate this season is to think ahead -Soon it’ll be Spring !- and to distil good mood in every day life !

When days are not so sunny, colors may help to brighten up. Colours hit the headlines of the last edition of a kiwi deco magazine. I discovered a smart and colourful set of dishes designed by Morph for Joseph Joseph; And to gather my thoughts, I purchased lately a colourful Paperchase notebook. So colours were just missing from my plate ! They are known to interact on your appetite and I’ve read an interesting post about it on ColourLovers. Experiments show that people’s taste is more influenced by what they see than what they truly taste ! Amazing ! Smurf’s colour remains to avoid anyway in food coloring -Except maybe for kids…

Gnocchi are a good comfort food and to make it more fun, I dyed them ! One carrot and one beetroot were enough to make these bi-color gnocchi. A pity that I didn’t have spinach, I would have done it ! I did a simple and creamy mushroom sauce to eat with and that was fine. I didn’t taste so strongly the beet -probably distracted by the color- and that was perfect.

Beet & carrot gnocchi
400g potatoes
1 carrot
1 small beetroot
2 eggs
145g flour
1 tsp olive oil
Peel potatoes and carrot and halve them // Rinse beetroot // Steam potatoes, carrot and non-peeled beetroot until tenderly cooked // Let them cool then peel beetroot // Mash vegetables separately // Mix 2/3 potatoes with mashed beet and 1/3 with mashed carrot // In each part add one egg and in proportion flour, oil and salt // Kneat quickly to form a dough non sticky but slightly wet // Divide the dough in equal parts // Then on a floury surface, roll each piece into a long snake shape (about 1-cm diameter) // Then divide into regular pieces (about 2-cm long) // Customize your gnocchi with a fork if you wish // Keep them on a dusted flour plate or dish // In a large saucepan, bring water to a boil // Pour gnocchi and let them cook until they rise to the surface of the boiling water // Serve with your favorite pasta sauce.

Still about colour, did you see these new born twins from a mix-raced German couple ? Surprising, no ?!

La suite en français…

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