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On a Rainy Day

Sinemage Nashi Pear Polenta cakes

Today, the weather was the kind of when you want to stay warm at home with a good book and a cup of tea…

To complete the picture, let’s add a little something to nibble on too.
Why not ?

Something swallowed in two bites.
Something moist and sweet.
Something like these little polenta rounds topped with caramelised nashi pear.

Then, the repetitive sound of the rain becomes a melody…

Sinemage Nashi Pears

Hope you are enjoying a great week-end !
Here, in Wellington, the NZ international film festival has just started and we’ll be busy watching a dozen of movies for the next 15 days !


Sinemage nashi pear polenta cakes

Polenta Round with Caramelised Nashi Pear [makes 8]

250ml milk
60g instant polenta
15gr unsalted butter
1 tsp liquid honey

2 nashi pear, peeled, cored and cut in segments
15g unsalted butter
Lemon juice
2 tbsp liquid honey

In a sauce pan heat the milk, add honey and then the polenta. Stir constantly and then add butter. When the polenta got thicker, pour equally the mixture in 8 silicon muffin pans and let it set.
In the meantime, in a fry pan slowly melt the butter. Add honey. Coat nashi pear segments with lemon juice and then place them in the fry pan and let them simmer, lid on, for about 30 minutes or until the segments are tender and the juice starts to be caramelised. Cook for a couple of minutes more lid off. Then arrange a couple of segments on top of each polenta round and grill them in the oven for about 5 minutes.

La suite en français…


Back to Paper

paper cut

I started a paper cut yesterday.
It’s been a long time… The last one was made last year: the Christmas tree. No, you can’t remember, I didn’t have time to post about it…

This time, the design is largely inspired by an image I’ve seen in a book lately.
I hope to share with you soon the completed piece that will give you a better idea what it is…

Today starts the French film festival in Wellington. We plan to see Korkoro and the Hedgehog. My sister M. has recommended the latter to me. Have you seen it ?

La suite en français…

Action !


A pair of eyes won’t be enough to watch all the movies of the NZ film festival !

A selection of movies, animations, documentaries and short films from all over the world will be screened from this week -17 July- and for 15 days in different cinemas of Wellington.
I’ve already made my choice and it’s a challenge to pick up a reasonable number of movies.

The festival is also the occasion to discover the New Zealand cinema.
Last year I’ve been moved by Apron strings; this year I plan to go and see The Strength of Water and This Way of Life.

For dates and schedule of the festival in other cities, check NZ film festival site!