On a Rainy Day

July 17, 2010

Sinemage Nashi Pear Polenta cakes

Today, the weather was the kind of when you want to stay warm at home with a good book and a cup of tea…

To complete the picture, let’s add a little something to nibble on too. Why not ?

Something swallowed in two bites. Something moist and sweet. Something like these little polenta rounds topped with caramelised nashi pear.

Then, the repetitive sound of the rain becomes a melody…

Sinemage Nashi Pears

Hope you are enjoying a great week-end ! Here, in Wellington, the NZ international film festival has just started and we’ll be busy watching a dozen of movies for the next 15 days !

Sinemage nashi pear polenta cakes

Polenta Round with Caramelised Nashi Pear [makes 8]

250ml milk 60g instant polenta 15gr unsalted butter 1 tsp liquid honey

2 nashi pear, peeled, cored and cut in segments 15g unsalted butter Lemon juice 2 tbsp liquid honey

In a sauce pan heat the milk, add honey and then the polenta. Stir constantly and then add butter. When the polenta got thicker, pour equally the mixture in 8 silicon muffin pans and let it set. In the meantime, in a fry pan slowly melt the butter. Add honey. Coat nashi pear segments with lemon juice and then place them in the fry pan and let them simmer, lid on, for about 30 minutes or until the segments are tender and the juice starts to be caramelised. Cook for a couple of minutes more lid off. Then arrange a couple of segments on top of each polenta round and grill them in the oven for about 5 minutes.

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Aujourd’hui le temps était du genre à vous donner envie de rester au chaud à la maison, avec un bon bouquin et une tasse de thé… Pour compléter le tableau, ajoutons un petit quelque chose à grignoter aussi. Pourquoi pas ?

Quelque chose que l’on peut avaler en deux bouchées. Quelque chose de moelleux et sucré. Quelque chose comme ces palets de polenta couronnés de tranches de nashi caramélisées.

Ensuite, le son répétitif de la pluie se transforme en une mélodie…

J’espère que vous passez un bon week-end ! Ici, à Wellington, le festival du film international a tout juste commencé et nous irons regarder une dizaine de films pendant les 15 prochains jours !

Palets de Polenta et Nashi Caramélisée

250ml lait 60g polenta instantanée 15gr beurre doux 1 c.à.c de miel liquide

2 nashi, pelées, épépinées et coupées en quartiers 15g beurre doux Jus de citron 2 c.à.s de miel liquide

Dans une casserole faire chauffer le lait, ajouter le miel et ensuite la polenta. Mélanger constamment puis ajouter le beurre. Lorsque le mélange s’est épaissi verser le mélange dans 8 moules à muffin en silicone et laisser prendre. Pendant ce temps, dans une poêle faire fondre doucement le beurre. Ajouter le miel. Asperger les morceaux de nashi de jus de citron et les disposer dans la poêle et laisser mijoter à couvert pendant environ 30 minutes ou jusqu’à ce que les morceaux soient tendres et le jus commence à caraméliser. Cuire quelque minutes supplémentaires à découvert. Placer les morceaux de nashi sur le dessus de chaque palet de polenta et les passer 5 minutes au grill.


A lovely little rainy day treat! Cheers, Rosa Rosa

I love that type of weather and had missed it until recently when we kept having 100+ degree F weather. Then we had a great big storm to refresh us. Speaking of refreshing, I imagine these little rounds are. And I love that they’re not too sweet. Xiaolu (6 Bittersweets)

Your photos are gorgeous! I wish the weather here was not so hot… Miriam/The Winter Guest

How lovely. I never thought to try a sweet polenta before Wizzythestick

How pretty they are! mycookinghut

I thought they were peaches at first! Caramelised nashi pear sounds even better. Have a fun time at the movies. shaz

Oh, these are beautiful! I love the idea of the sweet polenta base made in muffin tins…I will definitely try these :) hungryandfrozen

Rosa, thank you ! Xiaolu, I have a big sweet tooth but I also appreciate when the treat is not overly sweet. Miriam, cooler days are ahead for you… Wizzy the Stick, polenta is often used in cakes too. But this time I just wanted to prepare it quickly and easily (no baking) like in a savory version. My Cooking Hut, thank you ! Shaz, we’ve seen 2 movies so far and happy with them even if the latest one was rather a dramatic one. Hungry and Frozen, tell me how it turns out for you ! Maameemoomoo, thank you ! Paula, thank you too ! Vanille

Gorgeous photos!!! The colours.. oh so vivid! For a while, i thought it was a peach tart! maameemoomoo

beautiful pics! Paula

These look lovely! I am looking forward to trying them very soon :) Lynne

Well, these definitely cheer up any rainy day! Alessandra

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Hi it’s a rainy day here and I am going to try to make these - without dairy! Wish me luck! Love your photography and great styling! intrepidallergymum