It’s been a couple of days already I noticed these bright colours poping around and specially in Wellington Botanic Garden. That’s a natural gift of such beauty ! Flowers in winter ! Naked trees but colours !

So, on one of the day, exceptionaly dry*, I went for a walk there to enjoy this colourful show !

The first time I visited, I did not like so much Wellington Botanic Garden. I had in mind Auckland Domain with its wide green lawns, its majestic old trees and the summer sun…

No, the Botanic Garden, is completely different, alike Wellington city: compact and steep. But I learnt to appreciate it. How couldn’t I ? Each season offers a new surprise ! After fall with trees dressing in red and gold, winter brought some shrubs -and trees- with red and pink flowers !

This magnolia is 73 year-olds ! I wish I could be so beautiful at this age !

The garden was also filled sometimes with a delicate scent, but I could not source where it comes from. It was like in a wonderland !

I am a total neophyte and can not tell you which shrub is this, with these scarlet flowers but I love it !

I was surprised by the followings pictures, the light and the colours would never let you guess it’s winter !

* The weather has been awful for many days, just rain, rain and rain again…

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