It’s not the first time I go to the supermarket and then I’m puzzled in front of an empty shelf where the rice is supposed to be stocked. I can read instead a little note to apologize for the rice shortage. That’s a global issue, I know… The problem is instinctively, next time I’ll buy a lot when it will be available and make this way, my own stock.

I feel that’s not the right behaviour, so I try now as much as I can not to throw away leftover rice. Then, the question is what should I do with it ?

My first suggestion is to prepare the most delicious comfort dessert: riz au lait !- or creamy rice.

The way to make it, reminds me a pot-pourri – except that you can eat it this one ! – just drop in flavors you like with sugar and milk and you will get the best riz au lait customized to your taste !

For me it’s flavored with star anise, vanilla bean, and orange rind.

Usually, riz au lait is made from uncooked rice, but this version is equally good and probably quicker to make as the rice has been already cooked a first time.

That’s not Paprika’s favorite dessert so this my little pleasure…

Riz au lait (Makes 4)

125g cooked rice (I did it with thaï rice leftover)
320ml milk
1 vanilla bean split into two
1 star anise
Half orange rind (finely grated + a piece)
50g caster sugar
A handful of dry grapes
In a pan pour milk over the rice, add sugar, star anise and a piece of orange rind // Cover and simmer over low fire for 1 hour or until milk is almost fully evaporated // Stir regularly to check consistency // Then remove from fire and take off orange rind, vanilla bean (eventually scrape remaining vanilla seeds from the bean) and star anise // Add finely grated orange rind, dry grapes and mix thoroughly // Cool completely before serving

Printable recipe Creamy Rice

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