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Creative Arts

I’ve liked this presentation of Eva Zeisel showing some of her beautiful work, her interesting personality and sense of humour.

And also, if you are around here in Wellington, there’s Blow Festival about creative arts, that starts today -6 November.
An interesting programme with international guests. For 15 days, there will be exhibitions, lectures, performances and workshops in various fields such as design, dance, music, photography, fashion…


Toujours En Demande (TED)

First of all I have to update my post of 23rd Sept. where I speak about bus strike…How should I formulate that…maybe I praised too much…and Go Wellington decided to re-conduct the strike today. And this time, no bus at all ! A real strike. So no comment about this topic anymore…

Anyway, this post is not about strike, but about ideas.

Thanks to Paprika, I discovered recently Ted. But you probably already know Ted. No, it’s not someone. Ted stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design and Ted Talks are just great ! Not really new, as it started in 1984. The motto ? ‘ideas worth spreading’.

These talks are just an opportunity to broaden your mind to a big range of topics and I like it !

If you don’t know Ted yet, I really encourage you to go and check their site and specially in architecture, F. Ghery’s interview and his sense of humour, in science Jill Bolte Taylor and her moving presentation about brain, and in music Benjamin Zander‘s passionate talk…

But there are so many other interesting topics, so I let you discover them by your own !

Welly & The Pecha Kucha

What Pecha Kucha is ?

Pecha Kucha is Japanese for chatter. Originally organized by architects Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham, based in Japan, Pecha Kucha night is an unconventional and creative way of presentation. Each performer presents his work through 20 slides, shown and commented for 20 seconds each -6 minutes and 40 seconds in total !

A session will be held on 30th July in Wellington and I’m really excited to see it !

Launched in 2003, the phenomenon became increasingly popular and it’s organized now, in more than 130 cities worldwide ! Check on Pecha Kucha website where and when will be the next session in your city !

La suite en français…

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