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SHF * Festive Season *

It’s maybe Summer down here, but like everyone else, I’m preparing for the Holidays.

Christmas tree and decoration.
At least, I can tick this one.

I’m so happy because my sister M. is coming very very soon and she’s a pistachio lover, so I’m sure she’ll enjoy these chocolates filled with pistachio paste !

As you may know, this month Nic hosts Sugar High Friday and the theme is Holidays, so this is my contribution to this special edition !


The coating maybe a little bit tricky, so I advice:
– For the water-bath, to use a container that is taller than wide, dipping the pistachio paste without touching the bottom of the container will be easier that way.
– To remove from the fridge one by one each piece before dipping, to avoid the melting of the paste in the warm chocolate.
– For a smoother finish on the top (I didn’t do it, for this batch and the pick mark is still visible on the top), line a wire rack with baking paper and make holes with a wooden pick, keeping at least 5 cm distance between each hole. Then place each chocolate, well drained, on the baking paper passing the free extremity of the wooden pick through the hole -like sewing.

For about 20 chocolates:

80g pistachio ground
110g black chocolate, a good quality one.
2tbsp honey (with a mild flavor)
+ (Spices if you want)

Please note, this quantity of chocolate is more than needed to coat, but necessary for dipping.

In a bowl mix with the finger tips pistachio ground and honey. Then press firmly with your palm to combine and form a paste. Flatten the paste (about 1 cm) and shape it in a square. Place the paste in a cling wrap and refrigerate for at least 1 hour. Remove from the fridge, cut it in regular squares with a sharp knife and place them back in the fridge. In a water bath melt the chocolate, then keep over low fire. Line a baking tray with baking paper. Then, one by one, dip with the help of a wooden pick, the pistachio cube in the chocolate without touching the side and the bottom of the container. Drain well over the pan any chocolate excess. Then delicately place the chocolate to dry on the baking paper. Process until you are done. Let them cool and dry.

La suite en français…


What Do You Do When It Fails ?


As easy as pie. That’s an expression I won’t forget !

I wanted to make an apricot tart with cocoa puff pastry and pistachio frangipane. That sounds delicious, no ?

The thing is I didn’t foresee that will have to work hard to get it … I made three attempts to get it right !

The first time, I was very disappointed when I removed my tarts from the oven. The pastry was like a slate and didn’t puff at all (first picture). I just felt like spending hours for nothing… Well, it’s not completely true, you always learn from your mistakes…


I didn’t want to give up so easily. After all, it’s just a tart and that should not impress me !

So the following day, I made an other attempt. Starting from scratch again and changing recipe.

The result was almost there. Yes, almost. The pastry did puff but I didn’t cook enough the tart and the frangipane overflew the pastry making the tart soggy… A despair !

I am stubborn. When I want something I don’t give up. So I made a third attempt. The last and successful one ! (finally…)

And I was rewarded for being persistent. The pastry was light and crisp with pistachio and apricot’s flavors melting in the mouth… A good treat to enjoy in a late sunny afternoon…


After these culinary misadventures I’m curious to know what do you do when it fails ? Do you just think it’s the wrong recipe, or do you give it a second chance ? How many time are you ready to try ? Or do you give it up after the first attempt thinking it’s not made for you ?

Recipe: I’m not good at explaining but Fanny and Aran have made an excellent work explaining and illustrating the process of making a pâte feuilletée, so I forward you to Fanny (Foodbeam) and Aran (Cannelle et Vanille)’s posts.

I’ll just add my personal side notes:

– Don’t be in hurry to make pâte feuilletée. Looking back, that’s not so difficult, you just need care.

– Make a small amount of dough if you do it for the first time. It will be easier to manage (I made my pastry with 140g flour and got a 26X16cm tart !)

– Cook the tart at 210°C for 10 min. and then at 180°C for 20 min.

– Don’t forget to prick the bottom of the tart before filling

– Keep a 1-2 cm border

For the pistachio frangipane cream 20gr butter with 60 gr sugar, then add 1 egg and mix until combine. Add 75gr ground pistachio and 2 tbsp flour. This quantity is enough for 2 tarts (26cm X 16cm)

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SHF * Spice It Up !

I’ve grown up in a multicultural island that influenced my way of thinking and eating too. In general, I like to discover new food and flavors.

Last time I bought a bottle of rose water without knowing how I’ll use it, but sure that I would find out.

Oriental flavors and spicy at the same time, these little candies made from pistachio, cardamom and rose water are a perfect match for this Sugar High Friday, hosted by Anita from Dessert First.

No baking is required but time [couple of hours] to handle this sticky dough based on a calisson recipe.

They are excellent with a coffee !

Pistachio Candy
(A dozen)

For the dough

80g ground pistachio + pistachios finely chopped
20g icing sugar
1 tsp honey
1 tbsp rose water
3 cardamom pods, podded, grounded seeds

In a bowl mix ground pistachio, icing sugar and ground cardamom // Add honey and rose water // Mix the dough with a spatula until the dough doesn’t stick to the side of the bowl. Make a ball shape with the dough // Sandwich the dough between two wrapping paper and roll out with a rolling pin (1 cm thick) // Allow the dough to dry for a couple of hours // Cut with a cookie cutter (3cm diameter) // Place on a baking (parchement)paper and store in the fridge for a couple of hours (ideally overnight) // Finally garnish the top of each candy slightly pressing finely chopped pistachios.

Pistachio Candy printable recipe

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