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Apple Picking & Kunekune

Apple Picking | At Down Under | Viviane Perenyi

Paprika and I went for apple picking last Saturday. We initially had an other plan, but in the end it was all good to visit the Ration Creek orchard in Pauatahanui, nearby Porirua, 20-minute drive from Wellington.
I remember visiting the orchard two years ago, late in the season when there were only granny smith apples left.
I wanted this time to pick the red varieties they grow in the orchard as well.

And the apples were plentiful, so we loaded our bucket. The orchard is also home to two friendly kunekune. They came near the fence oinking in hope of getting our attention and being gifted an apple or two.

Apple Picking | At Down Under | Viviane Perenyi

Kunekune Pig | At Down Under | Viviane Perenyi

Kune Kune Pig | At Down Under | Viviane Perenyi

Apple Picking | At Down Under | Viviane Perenyi

Apple Picking | At Down Under | Viviane Perenyi

Autumn has officially started here, yet the weather has remained quite summery for now. And I’m very grateful for that…

Wish you all a great week-end !



Under the Chestnut Tree

Sinemage Chestnuts On The Ground

I was elated.
We were finally on the way to the chestnut orchard.

Since last year and our first experience with picking fruits and vegetables I was dreaming to go and collect fresh chestnuts.
At that time it was too late when I started to investigate where we could do so, but this year there was no way we should miss it.
It was not as easy though. Most orchards open to public are based in Auckland and Waikato regions, a pretty long drive -eight hours- from Wellington. So it took a while to find an orchardist nearby.

When we got the phone call at the beginning of last week to confirm that chestnuts were falling, I directly checked the weather forecast for the week-end…

Sinemage Chestnut Cupule
Sinemage Chestnut cupule open and mushroom
Sinemage Basket of Chestnuts and chestnuts on tree

So on a beautiful Sunday, we took the road, direction north. Graeme, kindly accepted to open the door of his orchard located one hour from Wellington.

And what a pleasant place !
The trees lined up were forming an arch, nicely filtering the light and providing shade. The ground was already strewn with countless chestnuts. And a gentle breeze was refreshing us on this warm sunny day.

It felt so charming, I would imagine having a picnic there.

We spend a couple of hours collecting with gloved hands chestnuts, chatting with Graeme about the different varieties and ultimately having a peek at the workshop where the crop is processed.

Sinemage Chestnuts & Scale
Sinemage Chestnuts
Sinemage Chestnut Trees

We came back home happy. A basket full of fruits.

And now the schedule is boil, roast, crumb 4Kg of chestnuts…

La suite en français…

Plein Air

Sinemage Boulder Hill Top Wellington
Sinemage Butterfly & rock diptych
Sinemage Flower and light
Sinemage Orchard
Sinemage Stawberry and apple tree
Sinemage Tomatoes Bucket
Sinemage Eggplant & Tomatoes

It was a week-end of good time spent outdoors.
Little walk with many pretty butterflies along the way.
A lunch enjoyed at the top of the hill with beautiful view of Porirua harbour on one side and Wellington on the other.
The nice feeling of being part of such a nice place…
Fruit and vegetable picking at the orchard. Big red onions, luscious tomatoes, cute strawberries and peppers, a lot of peppers, mild and hot.
And the old but excellent movie, Baraka, so relevant -even if watched indoor…

Sinemage Boulder Hill

La suite en français…