Born and raised in Wellington, Mike Eastwood is the proud resident of the capital of New Zealand.
Mike is also the generous and creative mind behind Tuesday Night Dinner, a potluck dinner with a weekly theme. Hosted for more than a decade by Mike himself, the dinner now moves from place to place around Wellington.
Entrepreneur by day and passionate cook the rest of the time, Mike agreed to be portrayed doing one of his favourite past time.

And I’m particularly happy to open this series of Face & Place with Mike.

So please follow me in his kitchen for the making of a delicious three course meal for 7 lucky guests.

* Smoked Eel Caesar salad * Fettuccine with Mushrooms & Cream Sauce * Poached Rhubarb and Strawberries with Vanilla Ice Cream *

Partly assisted by Grace, Mike shared and patiently explained to his lovely and young sous-chef about ingredients and tastes throughout the cooking process. Always casual, his approach involves all the senses.

Meanwhile guests were chatting, having a drink and appetizer with the freshly made chicken liver mousse on slice of bread…

Chopping red onions and flambeing chicken livers for the making of mousse

Cooking with the heart. Tasting and testing

© Viviane Perenyi Dry Oregano and Egg ShellStill life

The props

Polishing mushroom and coating salad leaves with mayonnaise

 Mike’s speciality: fresh pasta

Cheers !

La suite en français…