I read an old issue of the kiwi magazine ‘Idealog‘ and found an article about Jill Caldwell and Christopher Brown’s book: 8 tribes. I purchased the book recently to upgrade my culture and to satisfy my curiosity about people surrounding me everyday. The book is like a sociological survey of New Zealanders to define them better than just typical friendly, hardworking, down-to-earth clichés.

I smiled as some tribe’s description and values would be true in France also- like anywhere else. Anyway, New Zealanders are humans ! Over the 8 tribes, there are already trends and other proto-tribe developing that alter the basic groups. Not surprising as New Zealand is a young nation and that it’ll get more and more complexity as it get older. As a new settler, I advice to read this book if you plan to come and live in New Zealand. The book won’t be a guide to deal with people in your daily life, but will give you a better picture.

I’m not a kiwi, but the question that comes in your mind while reading this book is: which tribe I’m more alike ? Instinctively, you need to know. And they -the authors- thought about everything: Online, you can fill a form with a list of questions to know which tribe you belong to. After a while, a survey comes back to you about your profile. it’s supposed to be confidential, but I have nothing to hide, so I tell you that I’m a mix of Grey Lynn and Raglan tribes. You are wondering what is that ? So go and read the book and then take the test ! I would be happy to know more people -who asked their profile- and that they come and testify about their belonging !

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