I read last time the beautiful post of Béatrice Peltre on La Tartine Gourmande. She speaks, among other things, about what make the difference between an American and a French supermarket. If dairy products can be one of the signs that show you are in France, there are also signs that show you are in New Zealand:

– The bakery section is fully surrounded by cinnamon flavour

– Cheeses are sold in tiny portion, except Cheddar and Edam.

– At the delicatessen part, the ham is already sliced

– You can find oil in spray and the oil range is wide

– There is a rainbow of bottles for food coloring

Vegemite and Marmite is sold next to jam and honey

I’m in my comparing phase at the moment, although I don’t like comparison. I would say in general that marketing and branding are not so strong here. I’ve been formated for many years in France and I admit to be a victim of these strategies. I pay attention to packaging, even if regarding food, my main criteria will remain the taste and the quality. I don’t like that much supermarkets. I guess it’s probably the light, the scale… The greengrocery section is far to be the most attractive part and I like to hang out there to discover new fruits!

In the same way I like how a shop organizes its window or display items. Last time during the sales, I did a pleasant discovery. It was not the window, nor the display, but the rear side of the shop: the fitting room ! It was huge and comfy at the same time. Nicely decorated in a Japanese style. You just wanted to spend all your afternoon there, trying all their garments !

Retails with personality are not so spread. Nonetheless, I appreciate the atmosphere and lovely shops of Greytown, in Wairarapa. In Wellington, there is Madder & Rouge, but I also like Magnolia (113 Tory Street) and Inky Pinky (Marsden Village, Karori). Both sell gorgeous decorative items ! For Antiques, I will definitely advice to go to Tinakori road and do not miss Cherry Orchard Antique !

You are probably wondering after all, what’s the link with iPhone ? There’s no. I’m just sick to hear about it everywhere, althought I like its design and that it’s user-friendly.

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