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Sinemage Kuare îlot New Caledonia

Blue. Green. Red.
Colours of New caledonia.

Blue, the pristine water of the lagoon. Home to myriad of fish, shark, turtle, ray and many other living species.

Green the lush vegetation. Sculptural banians, mangrove trees and tropical plants.

Red, the colour of the soil and specially omnipresent in the great South.

Sinemage Banian and East Coast beach New Caledonia
Sinemage Sand and details
Sinemage South New Caledonia Gite Gabriel
Sinemage Fleche faitiere et falaise de calcaire noir
Sinemage Lagune Nord Est New Caledonia

Invited by friends for a cruise in the great lagoon of New Caledonia, Paprika and I have the opportunity to discover this French territory.

All excited, we start our journey on the plane with a touch of Kiwi humour and a couple of hours flight later, a splendid aerial view of the barrier reef greets us.

As soon as we step on the ground, we get rid of our jackets, happy to win 10°C and be in tee-shirt.

The following days, a road trip from West to East going through North, with days stops in between allows us to appreciate the variety of landscapes and traditional villages from the mainland.

Sinemage Amede Lighthouse
Sinemage Diptych Sail and Rod
Sinemage Catamaran and diver
Sinemage New Caledonia lagoon
Sinemage Kuare islet
Sinemage lighthouse staircase and tricot raye snake
Sinemage Sail and sunset light

The second part and no doubt the best one of our journey is in company of our friends on board of a catamaran.

First the apprehension -being subject to seasickness, the perspective of spending four days on a boat is like a challenge for me- but I quickly get used to the vessel and enjoy every moment.

The relaxing feeling standing on the deck and being surrounded by all that blue with the light breeze. Catch sight of dugong and turtle. Paprika diving for the first time. Snorkeling amongst small, big, flat, dotted or stripped but always colourful coral fishes. Gaze at the milky way at night and being overwhelmed by all the countless stars. Be lulled by the rolling boat when lay down on the berth. Eat barbecue and good meals on the boat. And share all that good time with friends…

Sinemage Sunset colours and Moon
Sinemage Prony South New Caledonia
Sinemage Prony New Caledonia
Sinemage Yate New Caledonia
Sinemage Centre culturel J.M Tjibaou

Back to the mainland.

For the remaining days, we tour the great South and visit the city of Nouméa. The winding road in the South leads us to the ex penal colony, now historic village of Prony and to the Yaté river and lake.
In the city, we conclude our stay with the main cultural attractions: the iconic J.M Tjibaou cultural centre and the museum of New Caledonia with its interesting collection of Kanak and Melanesian art.

And it’s already time to fly back and bring with us all the good souvenir of that short, but lovely holiday under the sun…

Sinemage airplane and sky

La suite en français…


Across The Sea

Sinemage Blue Mountains Australia

It was late in the night and after going through a couple of turbulence, our plane landed on Wellington airport under the rain.

We were happy to be back and also pleased with our trip in Sydney.

Despite the wet weather which followed us across the Tasman sea, we enjoyed the mild temperature and a well-balanced program mixing culture, nature, food and shopping.

Sinemage Vivid Festival Sydney

We were lucky and glad to meet there fellow blogger [and excellent cook!] Razz and his wife.
Razz is a Sydneysider who shared spontaneously and generously with us the love for his city and country.
Please go and read the colourful story he’s posted on his blog regarding our first meeting in the city.

Sinemage Dawes Point Sydney
Sinemage Black & White Diptych Space In and Out
Sinemage Victorian Style House Sydney

The imposing harbour bridge, the architectural curves of the Opera House, the historic area called The Rocks and the lush Royal botanic Gardens… We did most of the major touristic attractions, but we also took the time to just wander randomly in different areas and feel the pulse of the city.

Our accommodation in Surry Hills was conveniently located and surrounded by many little restaurants, a good bakery and all the amenities.

Sinemage Diptych Room and Bush View
Sinemage Cockatoo Island Sydney

We also spent a full day in the Blue Mountains with Razz. And what a day !
In the morning when we arrived, the clouds were laying down in the valley like a white carpet and gave a kind of mysterious atmosphere to the place.
A couple of hours later, they were all gone. Like if someone had removed a curtain, the impressive depth of the escarpments was revealed and I almost felt dizzy.
At the end of the day, on the way back, we stopped one more time and looked at the fabulous landscape lit by a nice golden light.

Sinemage Sydney Skyline Australia

The day before we left, we jumped into the ferry for Cocaktoo Island and enjoyed a 360° view of the harbour on the way.
The day went by quickly between the visit of the historic island and exhibits of Sydney Biennale displayed there.

To sum it up I would say it was a short, intense and colourful vacation.

Sinemage Pair of Parrots Sydney

Across the sea, we’ve seen a big city.
Across the sea, we’ve seen big mountains.
Across the sea, we’ve met nice people…

Sinemage Opera House Sydney

La suite en français…

Special Moments

All good things come to an end.
On Tuesday morning Paprika and I said goodbye to my sister M. and my lovely niece.
After three weeks together, it’s so strange to see the house so quiet…

It was good to share food, laughter, discussion…
Simply enjoy life with loved ones !

I really felt like having all these special moments was the best Christmas gift I could get !

Christmas and New year’s eves were celebrated with simplicity and joy and in between we visited a little bit.
The weather and the natural environment of New Zealand were combined beautifully to make these holidays unique.

Cape Farewell Golden Bay

Hawke Lookout Golden Bay

Wainui Fall Swing Bridge . Otaki Beach

I hope you had some good time too and feel ready to live this new year with energy !

La suite en français…