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Sinemage Leafy Bush New Zealand
Sinemage Light through Bush New Zealand

Let’s start this new week with colours.
They are slowly changing in the southern hemisphere. And so does the light.
Captures from a walk on a week-end in Horowhenua district.

Gentle light filtered through the foliage and nice shades of green or scarlet leaves on delicate stems I like them all.

Sinemage Red leaves Bush and path

Sinemage diptych red leaves

Sinemage Closeup red leaf

I also want to thank you all for spreading the word, showing your interest/bidding and Asha for setting up Food Bloggers Auction for Japan.



Sinemage Parsley Buds 1

While I was watering this morning our potted herbs, I saw these tiny buds on the parsley.
What a surprise !

Lately, all our herbs have been infested with nasty aphids.
Thyme has been totally decimated.
Purple basil has bravely survived and proved to be stronger than we thought.
And parsley, maybe the sturdiest from the three, is now on the way… to bloom !

Never Give Up, I thought. Yes, that’s the message.

Sinemage Parsley Buds 2
Sinemage Parsley buds 3

La suite en français…

Colour of Hope

Sinemage green flower

I know, it’s been a while…

I’m still dealing with a digestive problem that not only restricts my diet, but disturbs my sleep too and leaves me tired, grumpy and honestly not so prone to blog.

I promise to come back as soon as everything gets a little bit better…

La suite en français…