October 14, 2010

Sinemage Parsley Buds 1

</br> While I was watering this morning our potted herbs, I saw these tiny buds on the parsley. What a surprise !

Lately, all our herbs have been infested with nasty aphids. Thyme has been totally decimated. Purple basil has bravely survived and proved to be stronger than we thought. And parsley, maybe the sturdiest from the three, is now on the way… to bloom !

Never Give Up, I thought. Yes, that’s the message.

Sinemage Parsley Buds 2 Sinemage Parsley buds 3

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Alors que j’arrosais ce matin nos herbes aromatiques en pot, j’ai vu ces minuscules bourgeons sur le persil. Quelle surprise ! Dernièrement, toutes nos herbes ont été infestées par de vilains pucerons. Le thym a été complètement décimé. Le basilique pourpre a bravement survécu et a prouvé être plus résistant que nous le pensions. Et le persil, sans doute le plus vaillant des trois, est à présent en voix de… fleurir !

Ne jamais abandonner, j’ai pensé. Oui, c’est bien là le message.


Merci, thank you everyone ! Vanille

bugs don’t seem to like parsley so much. Great photos, as always! ciao A. Alessandra

Oh my goodness! BEautiful photos. I’ve scanned through your posts and you are such an amazing photographer as well! Congrats on everything that you do! Fabulous job! Art and Appetite

So green and pretty! Cheers, Rosa Rosa

comme une caresse!! Line

Life lessons from potted herbs? Wonderful Vanille :) Needless to say, lovely shots. shaz

*Very delicate and verdant. I recently found a pair of teeny purple bell flowers on a climbing vine growing behind our garbage thing. They are essentially the ONLY things growing in our yard. A good omen, I think. Cheers, *Heather** heather

Vanille..your images always put a big smile on my face and then your words. all just beautiful. cheers kari make my day