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Yes, I like feijoa. The smell and the taste. A little bit of exotism while we have a foretaste of winter. Honestly, any picture can do justice to this fragant fruit…

Discovered last year, I instantly ranked it in my top 5 amongst fig, apricot, litchi and pineapple.

This year, I was really looking forward the season.
Very popular in New Zealand, feijoa is baked in various way (muffin, crumble…), prepared in salsa, salad, smoothie or cordial (thank you, Alessandra, for this link !). Personally, I enjoy it raw and simply spoon out the flesh from the fruit.

This time, anyway, I made a little and smooth custard that preserves well the aroma. And for the fun, I served it with crackers shaped like spoon.


Printable Recipe Feijoa Custard & Crackers

La suite en français…


Feijoa my love

Still in line with seasonal fruits, I introduce you Feijoa. I discover this fruit in New Zealand ! The characteristic of this fruit is its flavour ! It’s exhilarating ! Later, I wish I could have a Feijoa tree in my garden !

The winter proposes a big range of fruits (kiwi, persimmon, nashi pear, tamarillo…) very different in taste and colour, but my favourite stays feijoa !

Of course, you can bake the feijoa, but I prefer to just halve it and spoon the pulp out. The flavour is fully enjoyable. What a delight !

Toujours dans la lignée des fruits de saison, je vous présente le feijoa. J’ai découvert ce fruit en Nouvelle Zélande ! La caractéristique de ce fruit, c’est son parfum ! Je le trouve enivrant ! Plus tard, je voudrais avoir dans mon jardin un goyavier du Brésil (comme on l’apelle aussi) !
L’hiver propose une grande variété de fruits (Kiwi, kaki, poire nashi, tamarillo…) tous différents en goût et couleur, mais mon préféré reste le feijoa !
Bien sûr, on peut cuire le feijoa (confiture, tarte…), mais je préfère le couper en deux et le manger à la petite cuillère tout simplement. Son arôme est ainsi pleinement préservé. Quel délice !