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Paprika and I were relieved that we didn’t go for camping on New Year’s eve as I initially suggested.
The last day of 2011 was nothing but rain here.

Instead we kept everything simple and indoor. Dancing, chatting and eating to celebrate the transition of a year to another.
And I can’t believe we are starting our fifth year here in New Zealand !

I appreciate this time of year that encourages us to look back and also to look forward, setting goals, making resolutions or simply having hope in the future…

Just like summer and this hamper, I wish you all a year of ‘Plenty and Good‘ !

© 2011 Viviane Perenyi Galettte des Rois & Picnic Hamper

And if you wish to be the Queen/King of the day -or why not of the year- here’s the recipe of the galette des rois.

La suite en français…