Sinemage Digestive cookie and pear smoothie

You were waiting for the sweet, weren’t you ?
Truth to be told, I didn’t bake that much.
I’m rather simply feasting on fruits and vegetables lately. A lot of them…

The only exception I did last time was to prepare these cookies, kind of digestive biscuits with ground rolled oat and toasted almond meal. Served with a pear smoothie, it makes an excellent afternoon snack.

And this week-end, Paprika and I enjoyed homemade sourdough crumpets for breakfast with honey and almonds.
And that’s pretty all.

And to be honest I miss it. To bake and to eat baked goods too.
So yesterday I made a laminated dough. I knew the end result would be much appreciated by Paprika for breakfast. As for me, it’s a way to keep up with things I like to do…

Sinemage pear almond rolled oat sourdough crumpet cookie smoothie

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