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SHF * Spice It Up !

I’ve grown up in a multicultural island that influenced my way of thinking and eating too. In general, I like to discover new food and flavors.

Last time I bought a bottle of rose water without knowing how I’ll use it, but sure that I would find out.

Oriental flavors and spicy at the same time, these little candies made from pistachio, cardamom and rose water are a perfect match for this Sugar High Friday, hosted by Anita from Dessert First.

No baking is required but time [couple of hours] to handle this sticky dough based on a calisson recipe.

They are excellent with a coffee !

Pistachio Candy
(A dozen)

For the dough

80g ground pistachio + pistachios finely chopped
20g icing sugar
1 tsp honey
1 tbsp rose water
3 cardamom pods, podded, grounded seeds

In a bowl mix ground pistachio, icing sugar and ground cardamom // Add honey and rose water // Mix the dough with a spatula until the dough doesn’t stick to the side of the bowl. Make a ball shape with the dough // Sandwich the dough between two wrapping paper and roll out with a rolling pin (1 cm thick) // Allow the dough to dry for a couple of hours // Cut with a cookie cutter (3cm diameter) // Place on a baking (parchement)paper and store in the fridge for a couple of hours (ideally overnight) // Finally garnish the top of each candy slightly pressing finely chopped pistachios.

Pistachio Candy printable recipe

La suite en français…


Little India

Kulfi, do you know kulfi ? I love kulfi ice cream !

Okay, these little ‘cakes’ are far to replace my favorite ice cream, but anyway it’s too cold for me now to carve for an ice cream !

It’s been a long time I have these cardamom pods in my pantry and it was time to do something with ! They sell huge pack of cardamom pods in Moore Wilson and when I saw it I said I should have it. I do not drink lassi everyday, nor cook Indian food that often, but I love the smell of cardamom !

I’ve already tried once a recipe called ‘petits carré aux fruits de la passion’ and I wanted to try it again with a new flavor -as I’m not keen on passion fruit… So here we are ! I will use my cardamom pods in to give a new twist to this simple and plain cakes.

I have to confess that it would have been better if I had crushed in fine powder my cardamom seeds. I need to buy a ‘pilon’ ! As you can see these little cakes are far to be square. Originally the mixture has to be poured in an oven dish and once the cake is cooked and completely cooled you need to cut it in tiny regular squares. My natural attraction to simplicity drove me to bake in my all-purpose-muffin-tray and it’s all right ! One more thing, I have omitted this time, the crushed biscuit layer. You just have to mix powdered biscuits with melted butter and grated nutmeg, then layer the bottom of your dish and store in the fridge while you prepare the cake.

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