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A Bout De Souffle…

I told you last time about the origami box. Since then, I had an idea, but had to experiment it first. I like it cause it’s economic, customized and simple.

Few days ago, I went to Moore Wilson, hoping that I will be able to buy for the sales, these little cake pans I was dreaming about for months…I was very disappointed ! There was in a corner, a kind of table dressed up on trestle legs, with a couple of items that nobody want to buy. And that was it for sales !

I came back home empty-handed…

I was thinking afterwards about it and remember that I’ve seen there, paper baking molds, embellished with golden pattern. A little bit like for cupcake, but thicker. So I decided to make my own from baking paper ! I know, you are probably thinking, this girl is a little bit weird ?! Doesn’t matter…

After making the star box I decided to play with the corolla. A blowing soufflé coming out would make it more fun than a simple cake and a contrasting color against the white paper too. Cocoa will be perfect. I have to thanks Donna Hay and her 38th issue for this inspiring idea. It’ll sound strange, but I’ve never ate any soufflé in my life. So it was now or never.

Despite their volcanic allure, I’m surprised how light it can be. The texture is very soft. I like it and I think I’ll do it again !
I’m also happy that the idea works. The cooking time is fast enough. The box remains in one piece -I did stamp egg yolk at the rear side of each junction under the petals to avoid opening. I baked them on the plate to have a warm surface. Don’t you think it’s a good way to surprise and entertain your friends for a dinner ?

So here is the recipe for cocoa and pistachio soufflé -yes, I could not resist to add these little gems in…

Makes 4

45g unsalted butter
4tbsp cocoa powder
3tbsp caster sugar
250ml milk
4 eggs
Pistachios, coarsely chopped

Preheat oven to 200°C // Melt butter in a saucepan over low heat // Add cocoa powder slowly and stir // Then pour slowly the milk stirring continuously until a thick and smooth batter // Add sugar // Remove from the heat and let it cool // Whisk in egg yolks // Whip (or with electric beaters) egg whites until firm peaks // Gently fold through chocolate sauce and combine carefully // Drop pistachios in // Fill 4 ramekins or 4 star-boxes // Cook for 18-20 minutes // Serve immediately

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Apple of my eyes

I have been searching desperately for a specific origami box on the Net and complain to Paprika that I could not find the pattern. It’s not really a box actually, there is no lead. I like the design with triangular petals and double sided paper –like the one I bought last week. I did it once from a book we had in Paris -unfortunately we had to get rid of when we moved.

Of course, my natural eagerness, pushed me to go for an other option and I did a simple square box. Like a favor box. As soon as I did it, I felt a little bit puzzled. What could I put in ? Jewels ? Beads ? … No ! I imagine little sweets in !

Last night, Paprika did find out the pattern of THE box -I guess in 5 minutes, like usually ! – and send it to me by email to surprise me ! Isn’t it sweet ? I will be able to show you one soon.

Why sometimes, when I don’t know, should I keep it simple and I don’t ? ‘Même pas peur’ !… Instead of making plain cookies, I had in mind Fanny’s lovely sablés ! I liked the bi-color idea and decided to go for a cocoa version. It was fun to do it, but as you can see on the pictures, my sablés look like finger food ! They are only 3cm diameter. The reason is I divided proportions into two. I don’t have a couple of hungry children at home so I did not want to end up with 30 sablés !

Never mind, they are tiny, but edible and not too sweet, I prefer ! Just ready to offer !

Sources: Recipe from Fanny at Foodbeam
La suite en français

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