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Keep It Simple

Sinemage Blueberry Steam Cake

– Did she say soon ?
– Yes, she wrote soon !


First, there was my long hesitation in front of no bake possibilities: omelette soufflée, crêpes, pancakes, semifreddo, jam… ?
Then I tried different preparations.
Afterward, it was already the week-end [Paprika and I enjoyed a beautiful Saturday by the way]
And…and finally it’s more than time to share this simple coconut steam cake with blueberry, unanimously appreciated.

As you can see, I played on the safe side here. I already made different versions of steam cake before, but this a new combination that works well too.

Sinemage Coconut and Blueberry Steam Cake

Coconut Steam Cake With Blueberries (makes 4 small ramekins)

80ml coconut cream
60g rice flour
25g caster sugar
2 egg whites
50g blueberries

Mix together rice flour and sugar // Add coconut cream // In a separate bowl whip egg whites until firm peak // Fold gently in the flour mixture and combine softly // Add blueberries to the batter // Grease moulds and pour the batter (3/4 full) // Steam for 25-30 minutes

La suite en français…


From the Farm

Sinemage Blueberry

Let’s go back to last week-end.
While some were egg hunting, Paprika and I went for blueberry picking.

Not having the chance to own an [edible] garden, I really enjoy the pick your own experience: A way to be in contact with nature and to know the source of what feed us.

The Blueberry Farm is located in the Akatarawa valley, 45 minutes drive from Wellington, in a very quiet surrounding, along a river.
And this organic farm seems to be a popular place with families.

Sinemage blueberry farm pukeko

Going there at this time of the year was like a pleasant sensory experience.

Smell the fresh air.
Walk on a thick and damp grass.
Hear children, bucket in hand, happily babbling while picking fruits.
Peck like birds and taste the sweet -and sometimes slightly acid- berry.
Look at the light on shrubs that already turned into a nice shade of red and collect lovely blue pearls delicately dangling from branches.

Sinemage Blueberry picking

At the end, our bucket weighed more than 700g.

Posted along the driveway leading to the farm, little signs suggest many different ways to eat or prepare blueberries. We have already tried some of them, but the oven being still faulty, I won’t make the tart I wanted to…

Anyway, I’m coming back soon with something blue…

Sinemage Blueberry branch

To learn more about the team behind the Blueberry farm, please read the article from Life and Leisure magazine.

La suite en français…