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February 24, 2012

 © 2012 Viviane Perenyi Greengage Clafoutis

It's been a busy week. There's still a couple of things to manage before my trip, but in the main, I'm ready. Surprisingly, in the middle of all my tasks, I've been inspired to cook and bake. The good produce we have right now seems to stimulate not only my appetite, but to give me little ideas too... And currently one of the seasonal goodness is greengage, also called reine-claude -queen Claude- in French.

© 2012 Viviane Perenyi

Because it comes towards the end of summer, which is imminent and that I'm leaving soon, I was not sure I would get a chance to savour one this year. So I was glad to spot some yesterday at the grocery shop. They are one of my favourite plums. I baked them in clafoutis which gave a good excuse to use the pálinka -Hungarian plum brandy- we have at home for a while now. I also followed the traditional way clafoutis is prepared with cherry, keeping the stone of the fruit and even the stem in my case.

 © 2012 Viviane Perenyi Greengage Clafoutis

Greengage Clafoutis

Preheat oven to 180°C. In a ceramic dish or a cast iron fry pan, place butter and let it melt in the oven. In a bowl, whip together eggs, salt and sugar. Add vanilla and keep on whisking while adding gradually flour. The batter should be smooth. Remove the dish/fry pan from the oven, pour melted butter in the batter and mix. Add milk, plum brandy and stir. With a paper towel brush the remaining butter on the side and bottom of the dish/fry pan. Pour the batter and place fruits. Bake for 35 minutes or until golden on top. Sprinkle icing sugar on top and serve still warm.

This is my entry to Sweet NZ hosted this month by Shirleen of Sugar and Spice

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Ça a été une semaine chargée. Il y a encore quelques choses à régler avant mon voyage, mais dans l'ensemble, je suis prête. De façon surprenante, au milieu de toutes ces tâches à faire, j'ai été inspirée pour cuisiner. Les bons fruits et légumes que nous avons en ce moment, semblent stimuler non seulement mon appétit mais me donnent des petites idées également...

Et un des produits saisonniers actuellement, c'est la reine-claude. Parce qu'elle arrive vers la fin de l'été, imminente, et que je m'en vais très bientôt, je n'étais pas sûre d'avoir la chance d'en déguster cette année. Donc, j'étais contente lorsque j'en ai repéré hier chez le primeur. La reine-claude est l'une de mes prunes préférées.

Je les ai préparé en clafoutis et ce fut une bonne excuse pour utiliser la pálinka -l'eau de vie de prune hongroise- que nous avons à la maison depuis un moment à présent. J'ai également suivi la préparation traditionnelle du clafoutis à la cerise, en gardant le noyau du fruit et même la tige dans mon cas.

Clafoutis à la Reine-Claude

Préchauffer le four à 180°C. Dans un plat en céramique ou une poêle en fonte mettre le beurre et laisser le fondre au four. Dans une jatte, battre les oeufd, sel et sucre. Ajouter la vanille et tout en continuant de battre ajouter graduellement la farine. L'appareil doit être lisse et sans grumeaux. Retirer le plat/poêle du four, verser le beurre dans l'appareil et mélanger. Ajouter le lait et l'eau de vie et bien mélanger. A l'aide d'un papier absorbant badigeonner le reste de beurre dans le fond et les bords du plat. Verser la préparation et disposer les fruits. Cuire au four pendant 35 minutes ou jusqu'à ce que le dessus soit bien doré. Saupoudrer de sucre glace et servir tiède.

Ceci est ma soumission à Sweet NZ organisé ce mois-ci par Shirleen du blog Sugar and Spice

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Divine! I love plums and this plum clafoutis looks amazing. Cheers, Rosa Rosa May (@RosasYummyYums)

Extra! Ici on a un peu fait le tour des fruits d’hiver et on attend avec impatience les beaux jours pour pouvoir à nouveau apprécier prunes, pêches, fraises… en attendant, 22° à Montpellier aujourd’hui, on en a déjà un petit avant-goût! Bises… dominiques

That looks wonderful - a perfect tribute to the greengages. Hope you have a wonderful trip home. Domestic Executive (@domesticexec)

Great entry for Sweet NZ! I remember well palinka for when I was in Hungary, golly it is strong, but so nice!! Before leaving Budapest our friends gave us a special bottle of it (this was years ago) and I think I used quite a bit in desserts, although palinka lovers probably thinks that it is a waste…. Ciao Alessandra Alessandra

Have a wonderful trip Vanille! The clafoutis looks so tempting. I have been so busy these past few weeks, haven’t had any time or inclination to bake, but today I really feel like something sweet. Hmmm… shaz

Alessandra, I even tasted a home made one when I was in Hungary. It was so strong that a sip was enough for me ;) Rosa, thank you ! Dominique, 22°C oui, c’est pas mal du tout ! C’est une température estivale pour Wellington ! Shaz, thanks ;) Life is like that and sometimes priorities are outside of the kitchen ;) Piszke, you teach me a new word ! Thanks for that ;) Domestic Executive, thank you. I was lured by yellow plums today at the market, thinking of mirabelle… Vanille

ringló :) - it is so underestimated friut…I love it, too, the best kind of plum, and August is so far away.. piszke

Very good to have found your blog. Fabulous shot of the portion of plum clafoutis. I’ve made plenty of clafoutis but never thought of plums as the fruit. Nice post. Food,Photography & France

have a lovely trip! And this clafoutis looks so beautiful! [email protected]

I’ve only just eaten my first greengages this year! I was sucked in by their beautiful green hue :-) mydarlinglemonthyme

Wow, this is gorgeous! And it sounds so yummy! I just found you through Victoria at A Subtle Revelry - so excited to follow along! Rebecca - A Daily Something

Love this. Thanks! Shannon.Kennedy

Beautiful, Vanille - I haven’t seen any greengages around this year, which is sad as I really love them, and what a lovely way of having them in clafoutis. I actually made a blood plum and chocolate clafoutis for dessert tonight, which was also a lovely combination. Enjoy your trip. Sue xo Couscous & Consciousness

This is so pretty. I haven’t seen greengages around this year and I know they’ve got such a short season, so I might have missed the boat. Hope not - I always love making some greengage jam to prolong the joy of these lovely fruit. Fantastic idea too of combining cafoutis with greengages. Bon voyage! Suzanne

Coucou tata sa ça ??? C lauriane ^^ Juste pour te dire que ton blog es trop beau j’adorrrrrrrrrre !!!!!!!! D’ailleurs sa ma donne faim tous sa :p Aller bisous <3 Lauriane