Le Bonheur Est Dans Le Pré

February 13, 2012

 © 2012 Viviane Perenyi Green Beans Nicoise Salad & Tartine

When I started to draft this post, there was on one side, what I wanted to speak about and on the other side images telling the story of food we're enjoying lately. First, I couldn't relate one and the other, but I realised afterward they had something in common. They're both linked to joy.

There's the little happiness from everyday life. The one that requires to pay attention to small details around you and in the end, gives the feeling you had a good day. Right now for me, it's starting the day with a bowl of stone fruits for breakfast. Their taste and colours set me in a good mood. I also enjoy reading this book. A topic I'm fascinated by. And on a balmy day, I'm glad to share with Paprika a simple meal al fresco ...

 © 2012 Viviane Perenyi Summer Fruits & Crêpes

And there's also the joy coming from the unusual, the exceptional, a good news. The kind that fills you with excitement and anticipation. And since last week, it's been that way for me, knowing I'll go home soon. I'm thrilled to go and spend time with my family and friends not seen for several years...

 © 2012 Viviane Perenyi Aubergine Rougail

I'm curious to know what has been source of joy for you lately. Minor or major one, it all worth sharing.

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Quand j'ai commencé à composer ce billet, il y avait d'un côté ce dont je voulais parler et de l'autre côté les photos résumant ce que nous apprécions et dégustons dernièrement. Au début, je n'y voyais aucun rapport, mais j'ai réalisé après coup qu'il y avait quelque chose en commun. Tout était lié à de la joie.

Il y a le petit bonheur au quotidien. Celui qui demande qu'on prête attention aux petits détails autour de nous et qui au final, nous donne ce sentiment d'avoir eu une bonne journée. En ce moment pour moi, c'est démarrer la journée avec un bol de fruits à noyaux pour le petit déjeuner. Leurs goût et couleurs me mettent de bonne humeur. Je savoure également ce livre. Un sujet qui me fascine. Et par jour de beau temps, je suis contente de partager avec Paprika un repas simple en plein air...

Et il y a aussi la joie qui vient de l'inhabituel, l'exceptionel, une bonne nouvelle. Le genre de sentiment qui vous rempli d'excitation et de joie anticipée. Et depuis la semaine dernière, ça a été cela pour moi en sachant que j'allais rentrer à la maison bientôt. Je suis très contente à l'idée de faire ce voyage et de revoir famille et amis que je n'ai pas revu depuis des années...

Je suis curieuse de savoir qu'est ce qui a été source de joie pour vous dernièrement. Mineur ou majeur cela vaut d'être partagé.


Your photos all look so “alive” to me. I come back time and time again to marvel at your craft. Look forward to more! Maureen

What a lovely bowl of fruit! Elisa

Lovely food! The kind I love. Great to hear that you’ll go home soon! Planning my October holidays made me happy even if we will be staying here in Switzerland… Cheers, Rosa Rosa May (@RosasYummyYums)

Joie, oui, et lumière, et couleurs, et lumière,et délicatesse! Flo Makanai

Hungryandfrozen, Maureen, Sylvie, Time for a Little Something thank you ladies ! Shaz, your cute girls surely bring you a lot of happiness everyday ! Athena, eh macaron ! Look forward to seeing the photos ;) Vanille

Elisa, thanks ! Rosa, you’re very organized to plan your holidays ahead like that. And Switzerland is so beautiful and peaceful, like here, no need to go far away to relax ;) Flo ;) Dominique, la saison cyclonique va jusqu’à avril, donc théoriquement pas le meilleur moment pour y voyager. Je croise les doigts… Alessandra, yes, I recommend to read it. And I learned about Mezzofanti, an italian hyperpolyglot who seemed to speak so many languages… Vanille

Is the Book Babel no more? Oh I would love to be one of those languages’ super learners, instead it takes me so long and my brain is in a constant shamble! Alessandra

Merci de partager avec nous tes petits moments de bonheur au quotidien. Je suis contente que tu puisses retourner sur cette ile qui t’est chère (ils ont parlé de l’arrivée d’un cyclone sur la Réunion, aux infos)… Passe une excellente semaine, bises… dominiques

Wishing you a happy trip home! You will be bursting with excitement :) Lovely photography, and beautiful fruit too… it’s bringing me plenty of joy these days too. Time for a Little Something

How exciting! So happy to hear that you are heading home for a visit, I’m sure it will be a joy filled time. Wishing you a wonderful trip. Sylvie @ Gourmande in the Kitchen

Wonderful! The food and the news. Have a safe and very happy trip home, can’t wait to see your holiday snaps :) My joy at the moment is watching my littlest one start kindergarten and trying very hard to learn to read. She is so determined! shaz

Happy travels! Your photos are just beautiful - can’t wait to see what you photograph while over there. Lovely to catch up with you on Sunday :) hungryandfrozen

So happy to hear you’re going home! I hope to have the similar news this year, I’ve not been home in almost 8 years. Hmm. A source of joy for me recently is conquering the macaron – finally :) The fruits look so delicious. athena

et bien, savourer un bon rougail bringelles auprès des siens, voilà ce qui ferait mon bonheur en ce moment … je te souhaite de bonnes vacances et fais de grosses bises a la Réunion pour moi je t’embrasse Delphine delphcotecuisine

I’ve had a friend from the UK staying with me in the last two days and that has been joyful. She and her husband are such positive people their optimism and enjoyment of life rubs off on you. I am sure you’ll have a wonderful trip - we are heading back the homeland for a visit in July which is so exciting but more so because we are stopping in San Francisco and Tokyo. Domestic Executive (@domesticexec)

Have a wonderful trip to your island home. I’ve never heard of Reunion until you posted a link to it. I will be so curious to learn about it. Have a relaxing time filled with family and good food. Snippets of Thyme (Sarah)

Delphine, c’est quelque chose que je ferai sans nul doute très bientôt ;) En attendant je profite des petits plaisirs présents. Domestic Executive, there’s nothing like being surrounded by positive people ! It’s contagious ! I would love to visit Tokyo one day, lucky you ! Vanille

Very happy that you are going home, wow your island looks beautiful, please post lots of pictures!! Ciao Alessandra Alessandra

Oh NO! I have just discovered you. i am a NZer living in America and you are living in NZ but your home is far away. Are you still going to blog while you are away, are you coming back?.. c ceciliag

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