The Milky Way

September 12, 2010

Sinemage Black and white Cream Bottle of milk and yogurt </br> This week, the special guest at home was without a doubt the milk. Highly expected since weeks, it finally made the way until us.

Fresh. Organic. And raw.

It was also a week of first time. This milk has been a trigger to try new things, that could have been made before with pasteurized milk: túró -Hungarian curd cheese- and yogurt. While the first one will need another attempt, the second one was a success. </br> Sinemage Black and white Yogurt and milkSinemage calf black and white </br>

I’ve wanted for ages to make yogurt. I’ll probably need more batch to get the right texture, but I was really happy with the taste and result. And for a yogurt lover like me, there’s nothing better than homemade one, with the added bonus of endless possibility for customised flavours.

For a moment, I remembered when I was child and how my Mum was used to make some in her yaourtière -yoghurt maker. But you won’t need such bulky appliance. As you’ll see, the process is pretty straight forward. I’ve followed instructions posted by El, in the comment section of her blog.

</br> Sinemage black and white yogurt

And tomorrow, I’ve already planned with the milk left to make crème dessert -custard. Chocolate ones, for Paprika…

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Cette semaine, l’invité spécial à la maison était sans nul doute le lait. Très attendu depuis des semaines, il a finalement fait son chemin jusqu’à nous.

Frais. Biologique. Et cru.

C’était également la semaine des premières fois. Ce lait a été le déclic pour essayer de nouvelles choses, qui auraient très bien pu se faire avant avec du lait pasteurisé: túró -fromage frais hongrois- et yaourt. Alors que le premier necessitera un autre essai, le second a été un succès.

Je voulais déjà faire des yaourts depuis une éternité. Cela me demandera encore quelques fournées pour obtenir la bonne texture, mais j’étais contente du goût et du résultat. Et pour une fada de yaourt comme moi, il n’y a rien de meilleur que du fait-maison, avec le bonus supplémentaire de pouvoir varier à l’infini les parfums.

Pendant un instant, je me suis souvenu lorsque j’étais enfant et comment ma mère avait l’habitude d’en faire avec sa yaourtière. Mais vous n’aurez pas besoin de cet appareil quelque peu encombrant. Comme vous pourrez le constater, le processus est plutôt simple. J’ai suivi les instructions d’El, transmises dans la partie commentaire de son blog

Et demain, j’ai d’ores et déjà prévu, avec le reste du lait, de faire des crèmes dessert. Au chocolat, pour Paprika…


Mmmhhh, perfect milk! Homemade yogurt is wonderful. Cheers, Rosa Rosa

what a beautiful shoots! Paula

raw milk is another planet!!! :-) Alessandra

Homemade yogurt is the best!! And I love that the flavors change just a little everyday depending on oh so many factors! :)) so glad you got the chance to try it.. perhaps someday i’ll find raw milk here to make curd at home! [email protected]

milk is my life i love this image silvana

Alessandra, or is it another galaxy ;) Silvana, thank you for stopping by ! Asha, I used an organic yogurt made of buffalo milk, very soft and not so acid. And the result kept this mild taste. The last yogurt is going to be eaten for breakfast, in a minute !… Vanille

Homemade yoghurt is love, it’s like nothing else. Happy Sunday to you and Paprika! xx Bron

How exciting, I adore yoghurt, always wanted to try and make some. My mum used to make yoghurt and I remember it involved a thermos flask, which I couldn’t be bothered purchasing so never got around to it :) And she used to make it sometimes with powdered milk!! But the starter was always from fresh yoghurt made from raw milk. Love the B+W photos :) shaz

Looks nice! I want to make yoghurt too!! mycookinghut

Bron, thank you ! Rosa, it’s addictive. I think, like bread making, yogurt will be done on a regular basis. Paula, thank you ! Shaz, all you need in fact is milk, yogurt, a sauce pan and hot water. I did without a thermometer - judging with my little finger- and it worked fine anyway… My Cooking Hut, go ahead, it’s so rewarding ! Vanille

What gorgeous photos! You are truly talented, because white is never easy to capture. The Rambling Epicure

Hello Vanille! So glad you enjoyed the recipe, it’s so easy, isn’t it? Since I blogged about it I have goats (yay!) and now have home-sourced raw milk, yum. My recipe has varied a bit because of the qualities of goat’s milk vs. cow’s…I only do about 2 tablespoons of yogurt per quart (sorry, don’t know the metric conversions) and I actually do add dried milk to make it more custard-y, thicker…goat’s milk doesn’t want to thicken up on its own. AND: I make it by the gallon now, same method! Everyone likes it so I make it for friends too. (The ratio, then, per quart of goat’s milk is 1/3 cup powdered milk, 2T yogurt, but same instructions.) Bon appetit, and what gorgeous photographs. El

This post smile put a smile on my face because it reminded me of when my sister was given a yoghurt maker, only to find out after making a few batches that she was lactose intolerant. Razzbuffnik

The Rambling Epicure, thank you ! El, goat milk yogurt simply sounds delicious. Lucky you ! Razzbuffnik, a pity really… Make My Day, thank you ! Vanille

Your Blog is just beautiful! the images speak for themseleves..they burst out from the page and make you want more. your words give the rest. thanks for sharing! cheers kari make my day

Love the milk…oui, oui but its the photos that have me - tres bonné. Superb Kitchen Butterfly

Madam, your photos are art, pure & simple! Thank you for sharing them with us :) Nigel

j’adore l’idée de faire ces photos en noir et blanc: magnifique!! linehoude11

I remember when I first made my own yoghurt - so satisfying! Will have to pick up that skill again, especially now that there’s so much more fresh fruit in season to be stirred through it… Love your beautiful photos :) hungryandfrozen

What comfort food is to a cold rainy day this is to food photography. It makes me remember my childhood and feel calm and peaceful. It’s just simply beautiful and you must be a wonderful person because you can’t create a feeling of home in an image without it being a reflection of you. From Me To You