Pimp My Dessert

November 03, 2009

Rhubarb Crumble

This is not a cooking post. That’s simply my dessert yesterday for lunch : rhubarb compote, yogurt and crushed almonds + rolled oats previously toasted in the oven with honey. In other words, it’s just a yogurt, but a customised one.

I really like yogurt. Something that’s always in my fridge. I like simple, plain, unsweetened yogurt. But from time to time, I like to have a little bit of fantasy : walnuts+honey for a Greek inspired version; with chocolate shaving for a stracciatella one… and why not a crumble version, for a bit of crunch ?

yogurt rhubarb crumble

It reminds me I still have to try to make home-made yogurt…

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Ceci n’est pas un billet cuisine. C’est tout simplement mon déssert d’hier pour le déjeuner : compote de rhubarbe, yaourt et amandes concassées+ flocons d’avoines cuits au four avec un peu de miel. En d’autres termes c’est juste un yaourt, mais personnalisé.

J’aime beaucoup le yaourt. C’est quelquechose que j’ai toujours dans le réfrigérateur. Je l’aime nature et pas sucré. Mais de temps en temps, j’aime aussi lui apporter un peu de fantaisie : noix et miel pour une version d’inspiration Grecque; avec des copeaux de chocolat pour une version stracciatella… et pourquoi une version au crumble, pour un peu de croquant ?

Tout cela me rapelle que je dois toujours essayer de faire du yaourt maison…


Your photography is so beautiful. I don’t care if it’s not a food-post, I like looking anyway. And I like unsweetened yoghurt too. It’s so versatile. shaz

A wonderful dessert! Refreshing, toothsome and very pleasant! Cheers, Rosa Rosa

Ce billet est au moins un plaisir pour les yeux!J’aimerais faire d’aussi belles photos… Dominique (de vous à moi…)

I love your pics. I also have also yogurt in my fridge. To me, it is a great start of the day! Karine

A wonderful dessert and photograph as well. Magi

Simplicity is the essence of goodness. When the ingredients are right, just combining them simply is all it takes to have a beautiful and delicious outcome. This actually reminds me of a dessert I got at one of my favorite Greek restaurants. Really stunning presentation. Frenchie

Home….is where the heart is. Confirmation that I’m not crazy when I say that my favourite thing in this world at the mo is Turkish low-fat yoghurt with flaked, raw almonds and ginger jam!!!!!!!!Love it for breakfast,snack, lunch and dinner and it all started because of a Rhubarb and Ginger compote! Yummy photos too Kitchen Butterfly

Merci, thank you everyone for your dear feedback ! Shaz, we belong to the same club then ! And that’s true yogurt used in savory dishes is good too ! Rosa, as the weather is -supposed to be- warmer, it’s a pleasure to enjoy this kind of dessert… Can’t wait for Summer ! Dominique, on s’améliore en pratiquant, n’est-ce pas ? Comme en cuisine. Karine, it’s true I like it for breakfast with toasted rolled oats and honey… yum yum ! Magi, welcome on board ! Frenchie, I couldn’t agree more with what you said. A kind of ‘Less is More’ applied to the cuisine. Kitchen Butterfly, I also do have sometimes this kind of excitement and addiction when I discover something new and really like it… Folie douce ! Vanille

Je n’en mange pas assez de yaourts !!!! Décidément rien qu’en voyant la photo on en mangerait !!!! Toujours trop beau ce que tu fais ! Bisous. Dad

Those pictures are gorgeous. It’s still very early here and I didn’t eat breakfast yet and now I definitly want yoghurt for breakfast. It looks so delicious. What a wonderful blog you have here. I’ll certainly be back! Karin

Stunning presentation, as always… Alessandra

Looks deliciously beautiful!! mycookinghut

Gorgeous Vanille! You need to try Piako Yoghurt, it’s truly amazing. They have a website check it out. Syrup magazine

Superbes tes photos. Je te souhaite un très bon dimanche (déjà bien entamé chez toi!). Flo Flo Makanai