Wrap Up

June 07, 2010

I made a pear compote with vanilla lately. And it’s truly delicious. I plan to make an other batch, because it’s already all gone. It’s just fine to eat it on a slice of fresh bread with butter or it makes a perfect filling in pastry.

I adapted this recipe for the dough. I kept the proportions but I used more flour (150g vs 110g) and less butter (60g vs 80g). And I cheated, letting the dough to rest for 20 minutes in the freezer for each turn. I used some little brioche pan to make the fancy shape. And I sealed the edge with an egg white and brush the top with the egg yolk.

Paprika really liked them. So I thought maybe you would too…


Those look so wonderful and pretty! A delightful treat! Cheers, Rosa Rosa

They look great! Is it really cheating leaving the dough resting in the freezer? :-) Sometimes cheating is the best part of cooking… Alessandra

*those look incredible! so flaky, and i always love something handheld. did you take pastry classes previously? your treats are flawless. cheers, *heather** heather

yummm..so pretty! You are really talented !! mycookinghut

I love all the delicate pastries you bake. They look amazing. shaz

Rosa, Alessandra, Leemei, Shaz, thank you girls ! Heather, no pastry classes, but I have to admit I like to work the dough. Vanille

They look marvelous indeed. The pictures are beautiful, looking at them makes you want to take a bite every second :-) Karin

Your photos just take my breath away! So beautiful! Anne’s Kitchen

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