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February 02, 2012

 © 2012 Viviane Perenyi Apricot Lavender Tart

I was like a child in a toy shop the first time I entered in Aurore Capucine, a small pâtisserie in the 9th arrondissement of Paris that sells delightful treats. In the summertime, I remember there were lovely tartelettes with fresh fruits and berries. Each one looking like a pièce unique showcased in the window. And one of my favorites was the apricot and lavender tart...

 © 2012 Viviane Perenyi Lavender and Apricot

First the catchy colours. The tiny purple dots of lavender against the vibrant orange slices of apricot. Then, the taste. The combination of the aromatic flower and the sweet fruit. A pleasure for the eyes and the mouth.

The dinner Paprika and I hosted last Tuesday was an occasion to recreate and share that tart so special to me. And I was pleased to see how sweet apricots on a thin layer of jam, encased in a shortcrust pastry and enhanced with the floral note of lavender piqued the interest and satisfied the taste of many as well...

 © 2012 Viviane Perenyi Apricot & Lavender Tart

Apricot & Lavender Tart Shortcrust Pastry 210g flour 65ml water 105g butter at room temperature and diced 1 pinch of salt

Filling 8-10 apricots, pitted, sliced into wedges 4 heaped tsp of apricot jam 1 tbsp of honey Half lemon juice 1 tsp of lavender

In a large bowl mix together flour and salt. Add butter to flour and mix with your finger tips to get a fine sandy texture. Add water and mix quickly but lightly with your hand to form a ball. Wrap the dough in cling wrap and let it rest for one hour in the fridge. Preheat oven to 180°C. Roll down the dough on a dusted flour surface. Place the pastry in the tart pan and trim the edge. Prick the bottom of the dough with a fork. Line over it a baking paper and fill it with baking ceramic pie weight or dry beans. Bake for about 20 minutes then remove the ceramic weights and bake again for 5 minutes. Remove from the oven and let it cool on a rack. When the pie crust is cooled spread apricot jam on the bottom. Arrange apricots slices over it. Mix the honey and lemon juice and brush apricot slices with. You can keep the tart wrapped in the fridge. Remove it at least 15 minutes before serving and sprinkle with lavender.

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J'étais comme une enfant dans un magasin de jouets la première fois que je suis entrée chez Aurore Capucine, une petite pâtisserie dans le 9ème arrondissement de Paris qui vend de superbes sucreries. Pendant l'été, je me souviens il y avait des jolies tartelettes aux fruits frais. Chacune comme une pièce unique dans la vitrine. Et l'une de mes préférées était la tarte à l'abricot et à la lavande...

Tout d'abord les couleurs vives. Les petits points mauves de la lavande contre l'orange vif des tranches d'abricot. Ensuite, le goût. La combinaison de la fleur arômatique et du fruit sucré. Un plaisir pour les yeux et le palais.

Le dîner que Paprika et moi avons organisé mardi dernier a été une occasion de recréer et partager cette tarte si spéciale pour moi. Et cela m'a fait plaisir de voir à quel point de bons abricots sur une fine couche de confiture et une pâte brisée le tout réhaussé d'une note florale de lavande a piqué l'intérêt et satisfait le goût de certains également...


I love your photography! Fabulous recipe too! Lydia Grace

Heard about the snow on the Hungarian radio ! Stay warm and enjoy the snow ;) Vanille

Just beautiful, love the flecks of lavender. Such pretty photos as always :) Mairi Herbert (@ToastNZ)

Thank you all ! Wish you a good week-end ! Vanille

Wow, it’s beautiful! I would like to eat apricot… I want summer! I want this cake! and the photo, the colours…really nice, happy, colourful. Here, in Hungary, there is -16 degree…amazing, I am not used to it.. Accordint to the weather forecast there will be 20-50 cm snow this weekend. I hope finally will not… we will see :) Alacarte

Beautiful! bron

I can imagine how delicate this will taste with the lavender blossom. I was in pastry heaven when we stayed in the 1st Arrondisement a few years ago peasepudding

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Seeing your photo makes me long for summer. I spotted it on foodgawker and glad I popped over.. We are having -22 degrees at the moment so you can probably imagine I would love a bit of summer right now. This looks absolutely beautiful! Simone

I love apricot tarts and yours looks irresistible Cherine

I cannot get over how beautiful this looks. Soma

So striking and very pretty! That tart is a work of art! Peter G | Souvlaki ForThe Soul

oh my… this is beautiful! [email protected] bake five

Salut! Je viens juste de découvrir ton blog, et je l´adore déjà!! Il y a qlqs années, j´ai vécu à Paris et j´habitais à qlqs pâtés de maison de cette pâtisserie! Je ne crois pas que je n´y suis jamais allée!! :( Mariel

Those apricots look magnificent - hard to believe they are not poached nor cooked. I wish I could get them here, but apricots do not grow well in my area.Spring frost often ruin the blossoms. It’s a lovely combination lavender & apricots. I’ll have to try it with peaches (which grow well for us) Sylvie in Rappahannock

As always, you’ve made something so exquisite and delicious-looking. I love the colour combination… and I’ll have to seek out Aurore Capucine next time I’m in Paris (fingers crossed, I should be going to Europe later this year!) milliemirepoix

wow that’s gorgeous. That was made by an artist who happens to cook. I’m dying to try it but I’m a sort of fingerpaint artist. :) Maureen

The colours are amazing. Your pictures make me dream of Summer and forget the freezing cold we are experiencing right now. Thank you! louisabellissima

Ooohhh, I love apricot tarts!!! This one looks amazing. Cheers, Rosa Rosa May (@RosasYummyYums)

Avec le froid glacial ici, je suis preneuse d’une belle tarte ensoleillée… avec des parfums de vacances! Profite bien de l’été… dominiques

This looks delicious! Food Follower

Oh the color combination is so beautiful, you are right! I will have to wait for the good season to come here, too, but I saved it for the right moment so that I don’t forget. Astonishing images. Valeria

What a delightful combination, You are so right, the visual appeal of purple against orange is just stunning. I have to find some lavender to try this. shaz

What a fabulous combo idea! Will have to wait till apricots are in season, though. Come Due Maiali

What a perfect way to celebrate the Apricot. I’ve a few recipes with lavender to try but still trying to find a supplier of good culinary lavender - I learned from bitter experience it’s important to get the right variety. Fantastic photographs - you might even think we’d had some sunshine this week! Domestic Executive (@domesticexec)

Oh my! What lovely colors! This sounds so incredible! Kaitlin

Such a beautiful looking tart!!! Loved your page! Ambika

Looks unbelievably delicious, and your photos are terrific! Congratulations on being chosen for “Freshly Pressed”! hanginoutwithgod

Such. Beautiful. Photos! Glad I found your blog. I’ll be waiting to see what you do next:) dulcetdevotion

As soon as apricots are in season, I plan to make this tart. The photos are stunning. Good Job! annashortcakes

Looks so amazing! x beckspick

Looks amazing! Congrats on freshly pressed! Kathy Kathryn McCullough

Looks devine! I can’t wait to try and re-create at home. Lavender is such an interesting ingredient to use. Muniakyakityak

Oh this is amazing and looks so delicious, yum, yum… Y u think

This looks lovely! What an interesting flavour combination. I’ll have to try this when summer rolls around up north. Elise Copps-Smith

This looks and sounds amazing! The photos are stunning! fare & sq

looks divine leah

Looks delicious. Jeremy Gradney

What beautiful photographs! Harriet

i could almost taste it because of your lovely photographs.. looks so yummy.. i want to try that with peaches.. starlight

Lovely! Can’t wait to try this recipe. armchairauthor

Oh Ill be making this. Thanks for sharing. Those pictures are just gorgeous. Handsome Lover of Words

Thanks for the beautiful post! Lavender is one of my favorite, and in my opinion on of the most underused, flavors. Now I’ve been inspired and am on a search for some delicious lavender! John T. Osorio

Looks delicious! I’m going to have to try this recipe! :) Java Girl

Looks amazing! And healthy, to boot! Thanks for sharing! Assia

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Yummy!!!! Author Shauna

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This looks as scrumptious as I’m sure it must taste! I’m a sucker for lavender truffles, so I can’t wait to try this! Mom Meets Blog

I have a newfound love for lavender- it’s amazing how the flavour of lavender can transform a dessert. Your apricot and lavender tart looks absolutely delightful! it’s definitely an inspiration to me. jasonandsimin

Oh that sounds amazing! I am looking forward to making this when there are fresh apricots available. I don’t think tinned apricots would do it justice. strawwitch

Beautifully photographed J Roycroft

Looks pretty damned good! And of course the metric measures have me trying to remember weight calculations from English to Metric. It’s odd - here in the U.S. we never really embraced metric. But pick a package off the shelf and the measures are in English and Metric units. So I know 500ml is about 19 point some odd ounces. Or that a kg is roughly a half pound. truthspew

Looks divine! poboylivinrich

Ooh! that is beautiful and I love the fact that it’s not really complicated!! I have a potluck in a few weeks and can’t wait to try it!! Sarah Harris

I love how you have captured the vibrancy of the orange with the soothing lavender background. It really makes it pop ! The placement of the apricots gives it a moving feeling. Awesome. P.s you can never go wrong with apricots! rachel jane

That looks delicious! I have never cooked with lavender. I cannot wait to try this recipe!! Jane

That looks delicious!! Joanna

It’s sounds divine and so fragrant, I can almost smell it. I’m going to make this, substituting butter with vegan margarine :) thewronggirlwrites

This looks amazing!! I think I will try it this weekend! chloekea

That looks amazing! The Mane Squeeze

Gorgeous! Greetings from north of the Arctic Circle. Barbra & Jack Donachy

So pretty! Terri Lea Smith

I’m hungry now! I love tarts and I love apricots so I’m sure this tastes great! Peauxetic Expressions

so simple… yet so refined… truly magnifique! thefoodiecooks

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This looks delicious - Yum!!! :) The Dieting Gal

tasty and looks so beautiful! fashionbyrussian

This looks amazing! I make a baked apricot tart in the summer when they are in season but the idea of lavender and apricot together sounds delicious! Lady Sensory

Sounds interesting! Yummy dessert! :) pepaqua

Pretty pics and sweet combination ^.^~ artisanfoodsinc

Um. Oh my gosh yummy. Kaitlin

The tart looks scrumptious and I love the photography…you shall be my inspiration! goji berry

That looks totally amazing…and so easy. I love honey as a glaze. janeykylescott

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That looks DELICIOUS ! And it’s so pretty ! XX clonesnclowns

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i was worried the apricot might turn out too sour, could I use peaches instead? :) Cant wait to try this! thelairweddings

Looks brilliant! I’ve been looking for an interesting recipe including lavender… and here it is. Thanks and greetings from Poland! Venidle

Really nice! I like the idea of using lavender as an ingredient. acorninmykitchen

Oh, goodness! This would be worth making even if one did not like apricots or lavender, just for the sheer beauty of it! I however, love both of those ingredients. I’ll have to keep my eyes open for apricots at the grocery. Do you know if you could use canned fruit instead? Thank you for sharing! 2weeksinthemountains

I love your food photography! stunning image, vibrancy of colour with the orange and purple, just looks so delicious. well done! afternoondlite

I love the contrast of the colours, it really look delicious and I can’t even smell it, that would be the last frontier ana lagarto

The pie is perfectly amazing, so beautiful. Makes me want to be in summer :) Thaïs cecileetthais

I can’t wait to try this. How many months till Apricot season in NY again? I suppose I can wait that long… crabapplehideout

Beautiful images! I had never thought about the combination of apricot and lavender. Looks and sounds amazing. violetsandcardamom

What an absolutely gorgeous photo - and the tart sounds delicious! Apricot and lavender, what a pleasant combination! melissahartz

Gosh, that looks amazing! Can’t decide if I want to eat it or just push my face into it! aaronread

So much beauty and elegance in this recipe! I love the color and flavor combination of the lavender and the peaches. sweetlab

What a gorgeous tart! Really great post stop by and say hi :) Christina @ Salt Pepper Brilliant

Looks beautiful! Atia

a brilliant idea. special recipes in the culinary arts are beautiful. mempawah creation

How vibrant! Such a wonderful idea. Victoria

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OMG !! That food looks delicious !! Can’t wait to try it :D Thanks for sharing this gr8 recipe !! Raaj Trambadia

Beautiful! looks delicious…I wonder if it would spike my sugar levels (because of the apricot) and then lull me to sleep (because of the lavender)???? Lol! heyvirginia

…and lavender!! How chic! your blog is seriously stylish by the way- like leafing through some really high end design magazine! I Made You A Mixtape

This is one of the greatest foods I have ever seen! I will totally have to make it! It looks so pretty & I’m sure it would taste just fantastic! It’s such a creative, unexpected, yet delicious idea! Reblogging this! :) Ashlee Craft

This is a must make! sarabeary

The apricot and lavender tart looks delicious! Your photos are beautiful! stacysflutterings

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Looks so lovely. What a sumptuous combination and so beautifully presented. Brightened my afternoon! the illustrator

Wow! Most recipes calling for culinary grade lavender are just infusing flavor (such as lavender whipped cream), so lavender essential oil became my lavender go-to years ago. However, this might actually get me into a store to buy the real deal. The color contrast is incredible, and the flavor combo sounds divine. I’m already dreaming of apricot-lavender sorbet. Postal Salute

Wow, stunning photos. (I am a WordPress photographer too) So many glorious colors. Beautiful post. Aaron Cohen Photography

It’s tart art…brilliant!! I bet it tastes heavenly too divaofdelicious

The tart looks especially delicious on that china :) LifeAsModernWife

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Beautiful pictures and post. I’m hungry now! Sue Ghosh

That is just beautiful. Your photos are so incredibly lovely! I will be trying this delicious looking recipe but I’m sure my tart won’t be nearly as pretty as yours! I’ll do my best though. :-) jmait

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That looks freaking gorgeous!! Amazing!! wholezome

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Exquisite! Tammy

GORGEOUS PICS!!! looks incredibly delish. i am inspired. thank you Bex

This looks so lovely! I’ve never actually tasted lavender … catlj88

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Like it so much!thanks ! yingyingxue

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What a stunning looking tart. The combination of apricots and lavender sounds delicious and I cant wait to try it. Big Hungry Gnomes

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