January 18, 2011

Sinemage Paper ceramic colour Sinemage Paper Ceramic colour diptych Sinemage Paper Hanging Mobile

Inspired by the Summer colours and following your cool response to the previous paper ceramics, I made another piece, more playful.

On second thought I assembled a hanging mobile with those paper beads and put upside down the ceramic - looking more like a bell this time.

I still have other ideas about those little pots and will not miss to share them with you soon…

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Inspirée par les couleurs de l'été et suite à votre retour positif sur les céramiques en papier précédentes j'ai fait une autre pièce, plus ludique.

Après réflexion, j'ai assemblé un mobile avec ces perles de papier et j'ai inversé la céramique - ressemblant davantage à une cloche de cette façon.

J’ai encore quelques idées avec ces petits pots et je ne manquerai pas de les partager avec vous prochainement…


ohlàlà, j’ignore comment tu fais cela mais ca m’intrigue, je dois bien l’avouer le resultat est splendide et du plus bel effet, qu’il soit coloré opu pas, j’adore bisous bisous Delphine delphcotecuisine

Oh, just looking at this makes me SOOOOOOOOO happy, Vanille! Not only the bright colours, but the Erigeron daisies in the background. I cannot think of a better background, really. BEAUTIFUL! Pippa

Shaz, Julia & Rosa thank you so much for your feedback girls ! Vanille

Vanille you are clever. They are gorgeous. Barbara

beautiful colors. I would love to hang one like this in my sunroom! Soma

*About how long does it take you to complete something like this? You must have patience like a monk. Such a wonderful, cheery rainbow of colors as well. Cheers, *Heather** heather

Masodik magyar lecke: Szia Vanilia! Tetszenek a szinek! A legszebbek meg mindig a pasztel szinek a vilagoskek meg a turkiz. De a piros es a barna is jo - jol fedobjak a masikakat. Melyik a te kedvenced? Az elso lecke kerdesre jol valaszoltal - bar angolul. Legkozelebb probalkozz magyarul! Puszi! Paprika. Paprika

I love this!! mycookinghut

I love the colours Vanille. Very pretty and oh so summery :) shaz

il me plait beaucoup ce mobile, très joli! julia

So pretty! Cheers, Rosa Rosa

Beautiful!! I wished I lived close to you. Would sooo love to see and hold one of your creations!! [email protected]

Barbara, thank you. Soma, ;) Heather, you make me smile ! Depending on the size, the piece can be done in one afternoon if not interrupted. Paprika, kedvenc színeim a narancssárga és rózsaszín. Leemei, thanks ! Asha, ;) Vanille

Such a beautiful and colorful piece, you are so talented. I wish we lived closer so that you could teach me how to do these crafts, I would so very much like to learn to do. Sylvie @ Gourmande in the Kitchen

Gorgeous! and you make New Zealand even *more appealing :) (I’ve lived in Australia for 7 years, and still haven’t been!) Happy to meet you and your blog!* Amanda @ Easy Peasy Organic

Awesome, so whimsical and gorgeous…love! Bron

Lovely and deliciously colorful. Bravo! Flo Makanai

Sylvie, that would be a long way from US to NZ to have a craft workshop ;) But why not ? Amanda, thank you and welcome ! Bron, thank you :) QueenHoneyB, thank you ! Flo, merci ! Delph’, je suis ravie que ça te plaise. Pippa, I so agree with you. The background was the perfect match for the little colourful piece. Vanille

Wow, that is truly gorgeous, I LOVE all the bright colors! QueenHoneyB

What a lovely blog!!! Lana

Oh how fun and festive! Bright Green Laces Pixelhazard

OMG, Vanille, this is so totally beautiful - I especially love the upturned pot with the paper beads to make the mobile. You couldn’t fail to be happy with something so beautiful and cheerful hanging in your home. You are so talented - I am utterly in awe :-) Sue xo Couscous & Consciousness

Wonderful this colours! It remember me summer! Ji-ji-ji!!! Mglòria

How did I miss all this colour?! Your paper pots are stunning - I want, I want :) Love your Mexican Fleabane daisies too. Aren’t they just the most cheerful little summer flowers ever? Have a lovely weekend, xo Janine

This is a beautiful mobil. I can’t believe it’s made of paper. Your photos always let us see the beauty of each subject! Kaho

Ça fait tellement bizarre de lire ton billet et de voir l’été, sentir la chaleur et le soleil… ça me paraît loin mais tes photos sont superbes ! J’imagine vraiment les odeurs, les bruits autour de ces photos… aaah l’été ! christelle is flabbergasting

I am “bowled over”! Wow–those colors! Beautiful! embracing tao

how did you string all of them together? Aren’t the holes too big to hold the string? :) and how did u manage to hang it, i mean did u tie a knot or what? star

The string is much thiner than the hole, and a knot would not be big enough, so I used one of the paper beads to tight the string at the bottom of the ‘ceramic’. Vanille