Paper Ceramic

September 29, 2010

Sinemage Paper Ceramic Cup

As I've already tweeted, I really admire the work of talented artist Siba Sahabi. She's such an inspiration...

Humbly, I started to experiment by my own and made from paper my very first little cup. For now, it's only one really tiny dish, but I like the fact that it can hold different shapes. I've played around this idea and illustrate here the versatility.

As soon as I'll stock in paper strips again, I want to try to make a normal size dish and will let you know how it turns out...

Sinemage Paper quilling dishTilt


Sinemage Paper ceramic platterPlatter


Sinemage Paper cupPot

More craft with paper strips: Paper pearls

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Comme je l’avais déjà mentionné sur Twitter, je suis admirative du travail de la talentueuse artiste Siba Sahabi. Quelle inspiration…

Très modestement, j’ai commencé à mon tour à expérimenter et j’ai fait en papier ma toute première céramique. Pour l’instant, il s’agit d’une toute petite pièce, mais j’aime le fait qu’elle puisse se métamorphoser sous différentes formes. J’ai joué autour de cette idée et j’illustre ici l’aspect polymorphique.

Aussitôt que je me serai fourni à nouveau en bandes de papier, je souhaite essayer une pièce à taille normale et je vous tiendrai au courant du résultat…

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That is so pretty! Very modern and refined. Cheers, Rosa Rosa

*I’ve never seen something like this. Very creative and playful. *Heather** heather

You are amazing! This is brilliant! Bron

very lovely indeed! nicole

Bron, Rosa, Heather thank you for your feed back, much appreciated ! Vanille

Wow - this is amazing! Due to the texture of the paper I nearly thought it really was ceramics - thanks a lot for sharing! Linda

I, love that ! It’s amazing ! Have a good day Hélène Hélène (Cannes)

  Linda, I agree, the colour and texture of the paper draws an analogy with the real ceramic.   Nicole, thank you !   Hélène, thank you ! Vanille

Hi, Love this! Have used one of your images in my inspirational blog post today, found on Craft Gawker. I hope you dont mind, please let me know if you would like it removed. http://charlottehupfieldceramics.blogspot.com/2010/10/inspirational-mood-board.html Thanks Charlotte Charlotte Hupfield`

Peggy, thank you for coming around and your kind words. The principle is the same as a basic quilling: Rolling -tightly- paper strip around itself, glue-ing from time to time to make a continuous strip. As soon as you have a disc large enough - mine was 7 cm- you gentle push out the center and in the edge to form the desired shape. Hope my explanations are clear enough. Vanille

I ran across your bowls on Craft Gawker and think they are fantastic. Is there any chance at all that you would share how you made these? Thanks. Peggy Peggy

Stephanie thank you. They are made with paper stripes usually used for quilling. Vanille

These are simply amazing! Is there a certain type of paper that you use? Stephanie