Effet Déclencheur

August 28, 2009


We were shaken last night. Twice. The first time at 2AM and then two hours later ! That’s so weird to wake up with a shake… And the roar preceding the shake is for me as impressive ! The first time it happened to us here, it was the night too and I couldn’t fall asleep afterwards. In the following morning I rushed on Internet to check. You have to learn to live with it: Wellington is right on the edge of the fault that crosses the country from South to North…


The shake was like a trigger. I baked this pastry a while ago and it was time to share it with you. After all, you never know what will happen tomorrow and it would be a pity that you miss túrós táska ! Okay, just kidding… Túrós táska is a Hungarian pastry filled with quark cheese [called túró in Hungarian], lemon zest and raisins. My version is made with a laminated dough, a pâte à croissant to bring a bit of crisp, but usually it’s made with a brioche dough. It’s supposed to stay sealed, but despite my egg yolk brush and my firm press on the edges the táska [bag] opened up. I should practice for that… At least, I’m happy that there was no spillage in the oven !


Túrós Táska Printable Recipe

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On a été secoué la nuit dernère. Deux fois. La première fois à 2 heures du matin et ensuite 2 heures plus tard ! C’est si étrange de se faire réveiller par une secousse… Et le grondement qui précède la secousse est pour moi tout aussi impressionnant ! La première fois que ça nous est arrivé ici, c’était également la nuit et je n’ai pas pu m’endormir après. Le lendemain matin je me suis précipitée sur Internet pour vérifier si ce que j’avais senti était bien ce que je pensais. Il faut apprendre à vivre avec: Wellington est situé sur la trajectoire de la faille qui traverse le pays du nord au sud… La secousse a été comme un élément déclencheur. J’avais fait ces pâtisseries il y a un moment et il était temps que je les partage avec vous. Après tout on ne sait jamais ce qu’il peut arriver demain et ça serait dommage que vous râtiez le túrós táska ! Ok, je plaisante… Le túrós táska est une pâtisserie hongroise remplie de fromage frais type faisselle [appelé túró], zeste de citron et raisins secs. Ma version est préparée avec une pâte à croissant pour apporter un peu de croustillant, mais généralement elle est réalisée avec une pâte briochée. Il est supposé rester fermé, mais en dépit de mon badigeon au jaune d’oeuf et mes pressions sur les bords, le táska [le sac] s’est ouvert. Il faut que je m’exerce… Je suis contente néanmoins, rien n’a débordé dans le four !

Recette Imprimable du Túrós Táska


That looks great- especially open, and I will sure try it :) Just one question: If I use dry yeast (not instant [can’t find it here in Oslo]), is it the same process? May

I’m in love with your amazing, clean, clear pictures. Vanille, you rock! :) nom nom :) Egle

Une belle pâtisserie hongroise! Les secousses, c’est terrifiant et bizarre… Bises et bon WE, Rosa Rosa

May, yes the process remains the same. Vanille

I love your first shot! :) mycookinghut

Now, I am really fond of Hungarian pastries. I do like French pastries, but maybe I like more Hungarian pastries…not sure..I couldn’t really choose…I think that you have the best of two worlds there, when it comes to pastry! :-) Alessandra

Really nice pics and delicious pastry as well! Millie

Egle, thank you ! Rosa, merci. MyCookingHut thanks ;) Alessandra, when it comes to pastry that’s always difficult to make a choice ;) Millie, köszönöm szépen ! Vanille

Vanille! You have such a beautiful blog! I do not want to miss any picture you post here from now on! Do you also speak hungarian? Millie

I love that first photo, very strong, would love to bite it off the screen. Elisa

Очень вкусно! Beautiful! oikuméne

Millie, I have to confess that I only know a couple of words and expressions in Hungarian…:( Elisa, thank you. Oikuméne, thank you. Vanille

Ce dessert est bien tentant!!! Pas gênant qu’il se soit entr’ouvert… cela donne envie de découvrir l’intérieur! Dominique (de vous à moi…)

It was nice to read… A newcomer reader of you from Hungary :) P.S.: In Hungary, túrós táska is often made of pastry made with yeast, too.. It’s more heavy,but fluffy and soft of course, it is similar to brioche pastry,as you wrote, but not totally the same. I’m not sure if it can be found on my blog, but under the label “kelt tészta” you can find many delicious hungarian pastries made with yeast. piszke

Oh, I discover your blog, and it(s so lovely. I like very much yours pictures. Kiss from France. Aricia

Vanille! great pics,great recipe,great taste I guess… you know I have been searching for a similar recipe for quite a long time,since my visit to Budapest many years ago! and I think that’s it… actually I am sure that is it,with the great picture showing the flaky dough and the rich cream taste with a bit of sweetness… yum yum…so anxious to try it! thanks a lot! Gül Gül

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My grandmother (and I’m older than she ever was) used to make these pastries which she called Cheese Pockets. They were the delight of all my uncles (My mother was the princess of the family ) and their wives hankered to learn the process. An enterprising aunt tried to write down items, forcing Grandma to actually measure the ingredients, but none of the aunts could produced the same result. I used to receive them in boxes at college and my dorm mates would be waiting in the lobby with wolfish looks to indicate their arrival. Grandma died in 1962, the secret going with her.. In 2004 I went on a scholarship to Hungary and never saw these anywhere, although I asked and tried to explain. Last year, I realized that if there was a recipe, it would be on the internet. Grandma was a great baker, but certainly not the only woman from Hungary who could have made these delightful treats. . I inquired on Google and found your Turos Taska !! And I’ve been making them quite easily and will be sharing them with my cousins soon. Thank you for restoring a memory of my grandmother to our family members. it was a long time oming. Linda Miller

Yes – she also made the best cabbage rolls, as well. Hungary has great cuisine. Linda Miller