I’m going into a color therapy these last days. Which means for me, playing around and taking pictures with colourful fruits, specially citrus and eating them as well.

Hopefully I will share with you soon the result regarding that matter…


A colours are essential when you see so many different shades of grey for several days in a row.

I keep thinking that winter is just about cold and grey. But I’m not objective. I tend to have in mind this picture when I know perfectly well this season offers bright blue days with an incredible light too.

These pictures, I took two weeks ago, are here to remind me that.


I shot them in Kelburn, one of Wellington’s suburb.

That day, I did like a tourist, looking at the panorama of Wellington harbour and guessing far away snow-capped Rimutakas.

Mountains around here remind me the ones from home -except for the snow- rugged with a deep green colour and dark blue shadows.
Colours that just make you feel serene and peaceful.

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