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In The Mood For Tea

Paprika bought recently a set of teas. I guess most of you will not be interested at this time of the year about tea; but down under, the winter is striking ! Okay, it’s only 13°C today… Anyway, I just want to share a good cup of tea with you.

Before, I was used to drink flavored tea. The one in tea bag bought in the supermarket. Then I learnt with Paprika to appreciate loose tea and good quality one. I got used quickly actually. It’s hard to drink Twinings afterwards !

The set is made of 18 sample boxes of 10g each. Only green and white teas. As soon as I opened the box, jasmine fragrance was spread over the air.

My favorite one is the Dragon Pearl, a Oolong green tea. I really like the way the tea leaves are textured and rolled. You let the tea infuse gently allowing pearls unfurl softly and finally get an interlace of long fine leaves resting at the bottom of the mug. The taste is delicate and jasmine flavored.

Paprika and I thought both about the same: We should try the flower blooming tea ! You know like the one in Marie Antoinette, the movie ! It would be fun !

There is also Silver Needle. A white tea with a very subtle taste. The soft fuzz on the leaves makes an interesting subject for picture.

A couple of flavored teas are also included in the set, like ‘Fabulous Feijoa’ . No need to say that I like this tea ! Paprika doesn’t like flavored tea -except with jasmine. That ‘s fine, I’ll have it all !

To purchase in New Zealand: T leaf T

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‘Y a d’la joie !

I read an article this morning, about world’s happiest countries. Details about the survey are not really given and statistics have to be considered with care, but it seems more people feel happy than in 1981. There’s no comparison with world’s best place to leave, but I would be curious to see how it matches.

Still about joy, this little cream pot bought in Living and Giving. I like it because it’s so cute ! I’m not used to drink milk with my tea and I don’t have an espresso machine to make good late, but it doesn’t matter I’m sure I will use it somehow. Although I did not see this item on the Canadian site of Jo!e, there are funny “egg series” gadgets.


J’ai lu un article ce matin à propos des pays les plus heureux au monde. Les détails concernant l’étude ne sont pas vraiment donnés et les sondages sont à prendre avec précautions, mais il semble qu’il y ait plus de gens heureux qu’en 1981. Il n’y a aucun parallèle avec le classement des meilleurs endroits à vivre, mais je serais curieuse de voir à quel point cela correspond.

Toujours à propos de joie, ce petit pot de lait acheté à Living and Giving. J’aime parce qu’il est trop mignon ! Je n’ai pas l’habitude de boire du lait avec mon thé et je n’ai pas de machine espresso pour faire de bons late, mais c’est pas grave, je suis sûre que je l’utiliserai d’une façon ou d’une autre. Bien que je n’ai pas retrouvé cet article sur le site canadien de Jo!e, on y trouve des gadgets marrants dans la collection “egg series”.