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Sticks & Stalks

The postman rang at the door on Saturday morning and woke us up.
Not a bad thing after all. On this way, we started the day earlier than we usually do on week-end. And we enjoyed more of the glorious sunny day.

Coming back from the farmers market, I was all happy with my finds: Big bunches of mizuna and red mustard.

As the weather was so Springy, Paprika and I quickly agreed to lunch on the fresh mix of greens and cheese sticks. But not any kind of cheese. Du Comté ! If you don’t know it yet, you must taste it and you’ll know what I mean.

The warm cheese coated in breadcrumbs is a pure melting goodness, balanced with the peppery taste of mizuna and red mustard leaves.

My kind of lunch. Simple, fresh and tasty.

On the same easy way, I made a fruit salad for dessert. I got nice stalks of rhubarb as well at the market and I was curious to prepare it raw for a change.

The vegetable thinly sliced, is soaked in sugar for an hour and then mixed with orange segments, mint and coconut chips. A nice combination: tangy, sweet and refreshing.

Paprika skipped that one. He’s not a big fan of rhubarb and the raw version did not convince him either.

Never mind it was a double serving for me and I felt just spoilt…

 © 2011 Viviane Perenyi Rhubarb Orange Mint and Coconut Salad

Comté Sticks (For 2 as a main)

2 slabs of Comté (100gr each), skin trimmed (if you can’t find Comté, try with a tasty semi-hard cheese)
1 egg whipped with 2 tbsp milk
80gr breadcrumbs
25gr polenta
125ml (1/2cup) milk
1 heaped tbsp cornstarch
400ml vegetable oil

In four separate shallow plates place milk, cornstarch, egg mixture and breadcrumbs and polenta mix.
Deep one by one cheese slab or stick -if you prefer to make it that way- in the milk. Strain well and coat all over in the cornstarch. Remove the excess of cornstarch and deep in the egg mixture. Strain well and then coat with breadcrumb/polenta mix. Press firmly on six sides of the slab to ensure an even coating. Repeat a second time, the coating of egg and breadcrumb/polenta.
In a skillet heat the oil. To test oil temperature, drop breadcrumbs in. They should fry and brown quickly. Prepare a plate lined with absorbent paper. Fry slabs/sticks by batch -if necessary- to ensure they do not stick in the skillet. Cook for about 10-15 seconds on each side or until lightly golden. Drain well and place on absorbant paper.
Serve hot.

 © 2011 Viviane Perenyi Rhubarb Sticks

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Retro And New

 © 2011 sinemage

It was last week. I had prepared a Waldorf salad and brownies for an American theme potluck dinner.
The evening was all fun.
Simon, the host, has an amazing collection of retro pinballs and we all played like teenagers for the last part of the night.

Foodwise, it was like travelling from one state to another with a fair share of desserts.
We ate and chat in the cosy and art deco style living room, with the melody of old American songs playing on the turntable.
I feasted on a seafood chowder and a comforting vegetable casserole – a grandma recipe I was told- and was introduced to gumbo.

© 2011 Sinemage Waldorf Salad Ingredients

The Waldorf salad was also a first time.
And I’m glad I gave it a go. I’ve repeatedly made it for lunch since then. It’s ready in no time and the Spring-like days* we had lately, made me crave for nothing else.
So last week-end I bought a big head of celery at the farmers market, knowing it’d be used up in soups… and salads too.

 © 2011 sinemage

Waldorf Salad
(For 1 as main or 2 as starter)

3 sticks of celery, finely sliced
1 small red apple, cored, sliced and sprinkled with lemon juice
1 small green apple, cored, sliced and sprinkled with lemon juice
Handful of fresh walnuts
Mix of green salad

+ Lemon vinaigrette or mayonnaise

Mix in a bowl all the ingredients and add the dressing just before serving.

*It’s all gone by now…

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Apo pou eisai ? *

That’s the phrase with a couple of others I only can remember from my year spent in Greece many years ago.
I was student at this time.
And I met there Paprika.
Unexpected, I know. France meets Hungary in Greece… ?!
I keep so many good souvenirs from this time and not only because I fell in love with a boy…

I made this Greek salad for lunch today and when I had the first mouthful, it was like all the images came back to my mind.
This salad is so simple and yet so tasty. And it was a long time I didn’t make one.
You may want to eat it with a grilled meat. For me, it was just slices of sourdough bread.
But to conclude on a sweet note, I finished the Greek yogurt in the fridge, drizzled a little bit of honey and tossed some walnuts…

A special week-end for many of us with the Chinese New Year and St Valentine’s day… So I wish you to have some good time ! 😉

Greek Salad [For 2]

1/2 cucumber, chopped
4 small tomatoes, cut into wedges
1/2 red onion, sliced
100gm feta, crumbled
A handful of olives
Salt, pepper, dried oregano, olive oil.

Mix olives, feta and all the vegetables in a bowl. Season with salt, pepper and oregano, pour olive oil and serve.

* Where are you from ?

La suite en français…