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Histoires de Filles

Sinemage Chestnut cream sandwich cookies and coffee

I received a couple of days ago an internet call from my sisters.
We were so happy to speak to each other ! Time difference and everyone’s timetable don’t make it that easy to gather this way.
Like usually, the conversation was animated and passionate. Just imagine four girls together ! A lot of laughs and a bit of tears too. And time running too quickly to tell everything.

When I prepared this coffee yesterday, I couldn’t help but think of them.
I wish they were here. We could have chat again around a cup of coffee and nibble on these little chestnut cream sandwich cookies.

I realised then, how much I miss them. My lovely sisters…

Sinemage Chestnut Sandwich Cookies

The making of the chestnut cream is time consuming, but it seems every year, when I see chestnuts on market stalls, I invariably have to make it.
The chestnut cream recipe is the same I made last year. As for the cookie recipe, it can be found here. I’ve just ground the caster sugar to make a finer texture cookie.

La suite en français…


Apricot, Last Episode

When my sister was here, I cooked every day and was pleased to do so.
Unluckily, I didn’t bake as much as I wanted.
I even didn’t get the chance to make a galette des rois, before she leaves…

The day before her flight, she told me how much she liked the little cookies I made and sent for Christmas 2008.
That’s long time ago ! I was surprised she remembers them.
So the last evening, with the help of my niece, who likes cooking and baking too, we made some cookies.

I made cookies again lately, to eat with homemade apricot jam. Classic, but good.

I also tried to flavored frozen yogurt with jam.
This one was a little bit too tangy for my taste bud, but refreshing, specially these last days which have been pleasantly warm.

frozen yogurt

Now, I swear this is my last apricot-related post !

Cookie recipe here.

La suite en français…

Jam In!

I bought last week persimmons, but I waited too long and they became very ripe and not appetizing anymore… To don’t waste anything I made a jam with.

I was disappointed, instead of the bright orange colour’s fruit, the jam turned out a caramel-like colour… Never mind, I have a good home-made jam now !

The thing is I’m not used to eat jam anymore… I avoid to buy jam and I barely eat breakfast everyday (boohh !…). When I was a child a slice of bread with butter and dripping jam was the perfect ‘quatre heure’ (snack) ! And it took me years to loose this bad habit of nibbling…

So, what shall we do with this jam ? Lunettes à la confiture inspired me to make use of my jam (there’s still left…). I made a simpler version of those sablés you can find in bakeries in France. I just sandwiched a layer of jam between two thin sablés. It’s classic and not so fun as the bicolor ones I made previously; but I prefer the taste of these ones, slightly flavoured with lemon rind. Of course persimmon jam is an option, your favorite jam will be perfect too. Mine is orange marmalade and yours ?

Useless to say that I bend the rules this time and ate them in the afternoon, sipping a warm cup of tea !

Sablés with jam

125g flour
90g unsalted butter chopped
60g caster sugar
2 egg yolks
Half lemon rind, finely grated
1 pinch of salt

In the middle of flour add chopped butter and all the ingredients // Knead quickly to combine all the ingredients // Shape the dough in a ball shape, flour it all around, wrap it with a plastic film and store it in the fridge for 2 hours // Preheat oven to 190°C // Roll down the dough (around 3 to 4 mm thick) on a dusted flour surface // Cut shapes with a cookie cutter // Then place them on a baking tray covered with baking paper // Bake for 7 to 8 minutes // Remove from oven and transfer to a cooling tray // When they are cooled, spread jam on a sablé and top it with a second one.

La suite en français…