Jícama Daikon and Cabbage Salad | At Down Under | Viviane Perenyi

Novelty could be the tag of the past week.

New to me, the taste of yam bean. I’ve finally satisfied my curiosity after spotting this root vegetable a while back at the market. Sweet and crunchy, I liked it combined with shaved green daikon and shredded Chinese cabbage. It makes a refreshing salad and an easy lunch for one.

Also new, the second edition of Rootstock festival last week-end. Paprika and I went there with a friend and we had a good time browsing and tasting artisan food and drinks. My eyes were caught by these beautiful bouquets of fresh herbs; So lovely with oregano and basil blossoms. I’ve mixed them in pasta and turned the rest into pesto.
Love these flavours of summer…

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